8 persons charged so far for murders in 2021

Antigua and Barbuda recorded 16 murders in 2021 police gave more details on the statistics at a news conference today.

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  1. it’s just not now the track record for solving murders in Antigua is so poor. Worst yet do we keep a cold case file Let me remind you of a few – Miss Thompson the English woman was brutally murdered at Bell View , on freeman’s village road, remember King Obstinate sister, the father and son that was killed and thrown into body pond , the butcher man from All Saints village. Let me give you two more the little School girl found in the Botanical garden brutally also murdered and I will end off with the young lady , whose body was found in Burma area Neltha “Babie”Telemaque . Do you want one more the custom lady in the Clare Hall area and still another the Farmer man on Jonás road just outside. Other readers can add to this list I am sure .


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