8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew stays in place; State of Emergency to be extended



 The Cabinet decided to retain unchanged the hours of the curfew; the curfew continues from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am daily.

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  1. I would like to address persons within communities who walk around wearing chin masks instead of face masks. Those, also, who although they are wearing face masks choose to pull them down to their chins in order to conduct a conversation with someone less than two feet away from them who may be totally unmasked. People, you are keeping us in this situation.

    • Joan veira Salmon,the unchecked tourist coming to our shores seems not to be a problem to you . All the private jets and yachts and no testing on these people seems like it is nothing . The virus doesn’t pick and choose who and where . I am very tired of people putting all the blames in locals .

    • This is a plandemic designed to force people into poverty and take away our rights and force us to take a trial vacation. The numbers clearly shows that 97% of people that gets this virus recovers. Theres no hilight on that. There is a wicked agenda being carried out and they using their system to in fringe on our rights as Antiguans. If 97. Something % recovers naturally and the les than 3% that they claim dying from the virus why do we need to take a vaccine that provide false sense of security? God has installed a perfect mecanism in our bodies to fight. With those numbers i will take my chances with getting covid who knows? Maybe i had it before. Covid is not a death sentence. Starvation, poverty, ppl getting desperate fighting for survival, ppl turning to criminal activities to try to survive is the death sentence. Wait but guess what the ppl making these laws thinks their secured and cannot be the vicrim of these circumstances.

      • The mortality rate from covid is less than 1%. Those are excellent odds, however it is still 1% too much for those who have lost loved ones from this pandemic. The problem though lies with the strain that this pandemic places on our health care system. One that I would like to believe is close to collapsing. What the government needs to do is vaccinate the most vulnerable within our society and open back up the ecomony to full operation very soon. Otherwise we will be dealing with a far greater economic downturn that would have been predicted.

        • Am i the only one that see that all money is being solicited or donated as they say for is vaccination? Is there any concern that they took the only source of income away from people on this country with the closure of bars and their curfew? So save me from a virus that have a mortality rate of 1% to force me into starvation, depression, losing my mind, prostitution, and god knows what else. What have humanity really come to? How long will we sit here like the heard that they call us wating to get immunity from a vaccination that don’t make you immune to the virus? Are we that blind? We don’t think anymore?

    • Keep fooling yourself that this is the root of the problem. In three months time when Antigua and Barbuda reaches herd immunity and the restrictions remain I will be waiting to hear who you will be blaming.

  2. I think people are still gathering outside of their house hold,and that is a major problem as well, people are still traveling to meet with FRIENDS, wish should be a concern also,

  3. The PM and Cabinet Needt to Tonstop yesterday I was speaking to some tourist that came in and when I asked dif they quarantine he said to me they have a private jet and they meet with over 20 persons in the last three week boii. This getting out if hand

    • Why are you gathering or even conversing with the tourist unless it has to do with work….. like people in Antigua still want to operate as if we’re not in a Pandemic – I see foolish people on this medium talking about tourist coming in – that has to happen so that food continues to go on the plates of Antiguans and Barbudans…
      Why would you see tourist and go having conversations with them unless you work in the industry? If you work in the industry then, you should have been trained how you should interact and the special protocol to be followed in dealing with tourist.
      The problem in Antigua and Barbuda is just politics and only politics…..
      Tourist should not be going in the communities at this moment-
      Tourist should not be riding public bus systems
      Tourist should wear mask properly just as you should ..

      Tourist must come because Antigua and Barbuda’s main industry is TOURISM.

  4. There must be a breaking point, if we continue to let fear take hold the government is going to continue to use a state of emergency to control not to protect. Get up stand up for your rights! History have a way of repeating itself when we are passive, we cannot allow 13 members to be making decisions on what is best for us, they are not looking out for our best interest.

  5. What was the point of the vaccine if we are still susceptible?
    What is the point of this vaccine and still have a state of emergency when mandatory testing can be simplified in an election manner? e.g motorcade testing and vaccines to the population as how campaigning is done during the months before voting day.
    Just a thought. Respect my opinion.
    I only complied for Carnival.

  6. You are obviously comfortable been treated like a non entity in the country of birth . No wonder people like you are been treated like political prostitutes .

  7. There is not a “need” for a State of Emergency.There is surely a “reason”for a State of Emergency.The reason being the Administration could pass any arbitrary laws without any push backs.It also gives the ABDF the power to arrests anyone for any reasons.It also allows El Jefe to keep his feet on your weaken backs and necks.It would be over a year plus.Since that Emergency was enacted.We are becoming like The Philippines.Where they would enact Marshall Law and States of Emergencies on certain of their islands.The differences their soldiers are given carte blanche privileges to kill civilians at random.The people need to stand up against this Emergency extension in Antigua and Barbuda.After all it is your country.It does not belong to Gaston Browne and his Kitchen Cabinet.

  8. There needs to be one set of rules.In regards to the wearing of masks by all persons. Tourists should not be allowed to walk around the City without wearing a mask.If someone is out walking for exercise in a sparsely populated area.He /she should not be forced to wear a mask.I do walk daily.I am outside walking alone.I do not wear a mask in the area,while walking.However,once I have to go and engaged with others.I do wear a mask.Even though I am Vaccinated with both shots of Moderna.The Tourists coming from North America and Europe into Antigua and Barbuda.They do wear their masks from whence they came.So they should do so in Antigua.By the way a Tourist is not necessarily a white person.Just making that quite clearly.

  9. “to discourage clustering and cavorting that could result in the spread of the Covid-19 disease.”
    The steady reports from residents of taking hotel/Villa/ apartment approved safety protocols to talk with arrivals (bona fide tourists & visiting diaspora) stating various checks were not done, no bracelets, no requirement to stay in place & text in temperature, no holding at Jolly Beach, no reminder to practice A&B personal protocols… & they shopping, having friends and family poolside & in their AirBnB and carrying on.

    Yes, some locals are gathering in larger numbers than allowed & not following protocols
    & the majority of us who are abiding by the protocols are sick and tired of the minority and arrivals continuing to ‘curtail’ us.
    The sooner we reach herd immunity the better, either from having had covid-19 (get tested) or a vaccine. BUT we’ll need strict arrival requirements in place or variants will sweep over us.
    This IS a long journey, and WHO never said it’d be a quick 1-year fix.
    We ALL have to step-up and adapt ourselves to living and eventually thriving again, with Covid-19 present.

  10. I see some fearful people on this post operate like them brains in them back or they walk on their brains they cannot think for themselves up to this time they dont realize what is going on. This is not about covid only. We are under a state of emergency people are still coming here, i know when countries have volcanoes that erupted people are exiting not entering

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