8 men forced me to perform oral sex on them at the St. John’s Police Station


Dear Editor,

I am not a native English speaker.

I will like to confess something to you. One time in Antigua I got arrested my mind was not working well.

The Antigua and Barbuda Royal Police Force placed me in a cell at the St. John’s Police Station with easy access to the arrested men at that moment .

They were touching me and tell me I’m some kind of love to the point that I have to suck some of their private parts “you know.”

This remembering is killing me inside and I will like to sue the police officers that place me in that situation.

I have proof and date exactly when that happened to me…

I love Antigua with all my heart it’s become my second home.  At the moment I am in England but I been living in Antigua since 2015.

I know you if have a daughter and I know you will never like that something like this happens to her in any country of this world 🌎.

I’m planning report those police on the BB news in England 🇬🇧.

I can’t live with this.

Hope you can read me and understand me .

(Name withheld)

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    • This thing don’t make a y sense. Females and males are kept separately. The person never say she was molested by 8 police officers. She or he said, is suing the police who put her in this situation. Question. Is that person a transgender ?. What a female is doing among arrested males ?. The only place there with hideouts are in the cells. Where the females are kept are away from the males and in an open place. That person is he a homosexual or transgender ? , many things are missing in this reporting. ANR should get the facts right before reporting. ANR is very irresponsible . If it was Martina Johnson, she would get to the bottom of that story before reporting and she would get it right. Shame on ANR

      • Supposed the individual is telling the truth…..Supposed the individual was not being calm with the officers who don’t think they being paid enough for this ish and was punished by being placed in a populated male holding cell…Who cares what happens to a foreigner, prostitute or someone with no high social status…We the Police will say it aint so and who will fight that???…WhO???!!!!!!

  1. May JUSTICE prevail.

    This could pave the way for the young lady from up east to proceed with the case against the UPP candidate who allegedly violated her when she was being raised by his wife at that time.

    • Ssd but true. How about you nincompoop address the case of the top dawg pickny baby dawg, who pointed a gun at a young woman’s private?
      When the young woman made a report along with whenner to the police because she feared for her life, the police did nothing.

  2. Yall serious he obviously did something to be put in a holding sell the guys in there took advantage of him that ain’t the police fault wait because he is a foreigner he gets to sue smfh what was done wasn’t right and not only that how can he even prove that he had to give bjs to his cell mates as soon as somebody say something yall run with it a woman say somebody steel her child yall ready to run with it chupzzzz

  3. Sadly, sexual assaults happens much more than we think. Many women do not report it right away, sometimes until years later, or not at all, because of our culture– we often look down at these womem, we often blame them for this happening to them, and sometimes we even call them liars.

    Men need to respect women more, and to keep their hands by their sides and their private parts in their pants.

    I hope she goes through with suing them and win.

  4. Sad to day I think the sexual assault is high in both men and women not just women… women gets more sympathy than men so men are quite

  5. The things that we humans do to each other is truly horrific and can scar the victims forever. If true and there is proof that this rape did occur, these humans should be removed from the Police force and all current Police officers should be made to understand that there is zero tolerance for this in law enforcement where they should be upholding the laws of our land.

  6. England??? How do you all know for sure this is a straight man this story is about eh?
    Which straight man will give heads to any man much less 8 ?
    Who will but this nonsense ? We all have a choice don’t we?

  7. This story sounds like pure BS. Why are you trying to report it to the British news, but you love Antigua so much? Why didn’t you report it here?

  8. In easy access to where the men were in that moment means the lady was left unattended by the police and the keys to the locked cell was held by a pervert
    The lady also says her mind was not right and she says she has evidence
    Maybe she gave a blowjob through the bars. Grill /burglar-barred enclosure don’t stop stiff penises…
    So let’s wait and see

  9. This story is far-fetched and pretty vague. First to begin with the sex of the person is not revealed in the story. Was this a man or woman who was asked to “blow” these perverts in the holding cell? Apart from the person hinting that he/she is a foreigner there is very little else available for the reader to discern.

    I wonder whether this is being made up in its entirety. People say and write all sorts of things to get publicity. The person is even threatening to sue the police for placing him/her in a cell with these perverted individuals. I am a Haitian who travels throughout our entire region very frequently and have NEVER come across such incidents. Not even On my island of Hispaniola with all its ills will one come across such filth.

    Antigua is such a splendid island and this sort of unpalatable publicity is not doing its image any good. Who is this person and will this individual come out and give an interview to your publication about this ugly incident? Please enlighten your readers about this a bit more.
    Wasin Marlobee

  10. Lawsuits to follow, I hope. Police Chief Commissioner must act to ensure his police force name is cleared or the perpetrators caught and dealt with according to law.

  11. Some of y’all need to stop it. Do your research. It’s normal that people do not report sexual assault immediately, sometimes for years if ever. One reason they don’t is because of reactions like some of you here… the fear of being attacked, called a liar and blamed. It’s a terrifying thing to be sexually abused. And what is wrong because the person is now in England? Don’t Antiguans travel too, but they love their native lands? It’s sad when we give the thumbs up to wrong because of racism, prejudice, nationalism, etc.

  12. Evil is evil, plain and simple, but even with evil one has to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so let this person bring forth their accusations, and if they are found to be false, then there are consequences to their lies as well. Innocent until proven guilty, that’s the law of the land, so we will see.

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