77-year-old woman dies from COVID-19


Announcement of COVID-19 Related Death*


*Statement on behalf of Mount St. John’s Medical Centre _(MSJMC)_*

*Dr. Albert Duncan,* MSJMC Medical Director said:


“We can confirm that sadly, a *female patient, age 77,* who had underlying medical conditions, has passed away at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre on *Saturday February 20, 2021* _(today)_ at 12:15pm. She had tested positive for COVID-19.”


“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patient’s family and loved ones at this difficult time.”


Even as we do our part by wearing masks and practicing physical distancing along with hand washing/sanitizing, we must remember we are fighting to protect our community. Together, with each of you, MSJMC will continue to work hard to combat this pandemic.

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      So, are ‘they’ now trying to convince us that we no longer die of ‘OLD AGE’???

      • Lord save us. You must be one of those Covid denying idiots. Run around with no mask and party with your friends spreading the disease to people.

        • Lord save you from your own lunacy!
          You must be one of those covid believing idiots. Run around wearing your stupid mask and believing you’re somehow being virtuous for not spreading this fake disease. The only people who get this ‘illness’ are people who took the fake ‘over amplified’ PCR test which the WHO now admits, must not be over amplified or false positives will result.

  1. James Luke says that he has had 100% recovery from covid with patients that he has treated with his natural formula. Why hasn’t the hospital engaged him in the fight against the virus?

  2. @ Covid 19 they dont care about the natural, only one option they leaning towards is vaccine because of funding from WHO if they really care they would atleast listen and try .WHO is a government controlling our government.
    They only prentend to care about the well being of the people .
    The vaccinist and pharmacists is at war with the naturalist and herbalist.

    • Talking about natural remedies for the FLU and COVID….
      Quercetin is a plant pigment with potent antioxidant properties. It’s present in many common foods, such as onions, apples, grapes, and berries. It can also be purchased as a dietary supplement and can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

      Quercetin taken with zinc, opens the cell pathways so zinc can enter the cell and protect us from getting the flu are it’s cousin, covid-19.

  3. * Not to say the nurses and doctors desire bad it is the ones that suppose to be leading us are controlled by WHO

    • It is one thing for a politician to lie to the people for political advantage because we all know that they are professional liars, but it quite another thing for professional doctors and nurses to give bad treatments to the people especially when they should know better. If our medical professionals continue to roll over for the political elites agenda, then they too are going to have to be held responsible for their bad actions.

      Do you doctors think it’s OK to give a ‘vaccine’ that is experimental and not properly tested with animal trials?

      Do you think it is OK to give a brand new mRNA gene therapy, which is a radical treatment, for a medical problem that has a natural survival rate of over 99%?

      Are y’all so arrogant that you think that you can actually get away with this malpractice without consequences?

  4. @born Antiguan how do you know james is crazy and should be in jail maybe you helped him do something to know this? Leave the naturalist alone he’s done nothing but trying to heal sick people who are you trying to heal?

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