7 Twitter Hashtag Research Tools for Marketers


In today’s scenario, marketers use every possible social media platform to grow their business. Twitter is one of those platforms. People use Twitter hashtags to get exposure to their business. This also helps them to be more recognized by audiences of the same interest.


There are targeted hashtags for different types of businesses with different interests. But remember to be more focused and consistent with your description including hashtags. One can use Best Sites to Buy Twitter followers. This is a very beneficial way of adding more followers to your profile.


The first and foremost important part is to know the most popular hashtags. This will help you to know the interests of the audience too. Many users  Buy Twitter Followers for quick growth.


You can use many tools to know the Hashtags that are popular and track the performance of hashtags. Users can Buy Twitter Followers, but keeping track of engagement, and hashtag performance is also very important. These research tools help in regulating the business. This also increases the engagement of people and their reach. Using correct hashtag research tools on Twitter is very beneficial for marketers. Some of the best Twitter Hashtag Research Tools for Marketers are:

1.    Twitter itself is a great research tool:

Twitter is itself a platform that gives the best search results for trending hashtags. The marketers who are starting up must first start from Twitter itself. Many marketers run to other tools ignoring this fact. Twitter provides not only the trending hashtags but also the latest information. Twitter is quite relevant to search results. Users can analyze the performance using the insights. One can get more direction for using popular hashtags for tweets.

2.   Keyhole:

Keyhole has a very unique feature of collecting useful information and showing it to users when searching for a particular hashtag. This search feature has proved to be very beneficial for marketers previously.  This tool provides specific information about particular posts, reaches on profile or post, the followers, and the viewers of which age showed more interest in your niche. Keyhole can be used for free but it also has paid plans with more benefits.


3.   RiteTag:

Right Tag is the best research tool to track the performance of your existing hashtags. Not only this but one can also find new hashtags by using this tool. For pictures to post, this tool shows reasonable hashtags related to your niche. This site has a feature called Chrome extension, which gives you related hashtag ideas when clicked on an image or when text is highlighted.  The search of rite tags shows the most and least popular hashtag results.


4.   Hashtagify:

Being on top of Hashtags tools is not an easy task. Identifying the trending Hashtags in your niche is most important.  Hashtagify is one such research tool that will help you in increasing your reach among audiences. This is very beneficial if you wish to be recognized among more users. Remember to track the competition.


This research tool is very important for beginners of hashtag research. The best part of this tool is that it is easily recognized. It is also very modest to use. A user can find relevant and focused hashtags on this. Also, the trending hashtags can be found easily.


5.   Trendsmap:

If a business is preferring its promotion in a particular area, then this is the tool it must be using. This is the best tool for any regional business. They can find popular hashtags used in a specific area. This tool shows the most trending tools for focused geographical areas.


Although Twitter itself shows trending hashtags in specific locations, trendsmap has more search results comparatively. Not only hashtags but local users are also shown by trendsmap. If you wish to have historical data of local hashtag searches, you can use the paid version of trendsmap. With paid trendsmap, you can filter the search of users and hashtags of a location. Also, by searching and zooming on your location you can get free search results.


6.   SocialAlert:

For someone who isn’t a marketer but a local or small business owner, this tool is perfect. As this is a pocket-friendly research tool. This search tool will authorize you to evaluate and track 300 tweets over a week. This tool also has a free version, so one must try the free version before upgrading to the paid version.


SocialAlert gives you the results of the number of impressions, and the reach to the hashtags with the area targeted. I upgraded to paid plans, one can enjoy the results of historical data and in-depth analysis. One can also filter the search results. This research tool has proved very beneficial for users to improve operations and in making better changes.


7.   Tweet Archivist

Tweet Archivist is different from other research tools as it provides information on real-time data. Data of day of any searched Hashtag with the tweets and Impressions for the day. The free version of Tweet Archivist shows top-ranked words, tweets, related Hashtags, URLs, languages, and mentions. Not only this but the results for the influencer index is also shown for the searched Hashtag.


These features are available on free Tweet Archivist. But, with the paid version, one can download the data generated with archives reserved. Different paid plans are available.


If a marketer wishes to rank well in increasing competition, they must use strategies and tools.

To optimize Twitter, there are several tools available. People sometimes prefer to use Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers. This is effortless but a short way to add followers that are not just active but also real. The usage of hashtags is very important for Twitter marketers. Use above mentioned Twitter research tools, and look for which tool provides you satisfactory results. Remember, to invest your time first with the free version of the research tool.


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