7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Body and Well-Being Healthy While in Lockdown


COVID-19 has become detrimental not only to those who have contracted the virus but also to the rest of us who have been forced to live through the new normal — no physical contact with friends, not allowed to go outside. Some even have it worse especially those who are left unemployed resulting from multiple small and independent businesses shutting down and the economy falling on the ground. We are stuck at home with no choice but to live through with what resources are available to us.


Although everything is limited to us, this is no excuse to fall into a slump and let our body deteriorate. Now that we have our time in our hands, this should become an opportunity for us to better ourselves and regenerate our body. Especially that there is a virus out there to get anyone near it, the best thing we can do is maintain a great health condition.


Here are some tips that you can do for you to achieve a sound mind and a sound body while you are at home.


  1. Stick to a healthy diet

This is the best time to learn new healthy recipes since most of the fast-food chains are closed down. Make sure that you are eating a balanced diet every day. You are allowed to snack from time to time, but do not overdo it.


  1. Let your body move regularly

We can say that a lot of us have jumped into the bandwagon of working out during the lockdown. But, if you are not the one who likes working out, you still have to find a way to let your body release those bad toxins. You can walk around a house or find a sport that you may enjoy — anything that lifts your butt from the bed and sofa.


  1. Maintain a good sleeping habit

Always aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Just because you are at home does not mean you get to sleep around all day or not sleep at all.


  1. Regulate your use of electronics

We have nothing to do now but to scroll through our phones or binge-watch a new television series. However, too much screen time is extremely dangerous. Make sure to limit yourself in using any devices and a lot of time where you won’t be using any of them.


  1. Try something new

This is an opportunity for you to discover new hobbies or revisit past ones. Do not hesitate to try something outside of your normal interests like reading a book or painting. Try something that will allow you to relax and will take your mind away from all the stress even just for a couple of hours.


  1. Connect with friends

Even though you are far away from one another, still make an effort to speak with your friends. It is good for your well-being to speak to someone regularly, someone who can tell your problems to.


  1. Consult a medical expert once in a while

This is a way to make sure that everything is a-ok. Consult your doctor regularly so that they’ll be able to assess if there are any underlying health problems. If you are looking for online clinics, follow this link.


2020 is an odd year — not the one we expected and most especially not the one we wanted. The future is still unclear but what we know is we are all responsible for our lives. What we do now will affect what will happen tomorrow. If you want a healthy body, live a healthy life. If we want these all to end and go back to what we used to, let ourselves be disciplined and follow what is right.


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