7 cases of COVID-19 at Prime Minister’s Office

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has confirmed that 7 people who work in the Office of the Prime Minister  tested positive for COVID-19.

Listen him here confirm the reports on Pointe FM:

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  1. I am sure all these individuals were vaccinated just like the AG and his family. How come all these people are getting covid? Antigua has more covid now than 2021 when far less people were vaccinated. Now they want to vaccinate children whose immune system is not fully vaccinated?
    Check the numbers all over the world where the majority of the population are vaccinated. The number of cases are spiralling out of control. There is more to come. People, I think we are being deceived.

  2. Vaccines as well as Natural immunity wane after a period of time. This is Virus is not fucking dumb political game of ignorance and foolishness. It’s not a ABLP and UPP creation and you ignorant idiot gamesmanship. It does kill you and your loved one’s. Omicron is extremely contagious especially against the unvaccinated and our children who aren’t able to be vaccinated. For of the love and protection of them stop spreading falsehoods and nonsense. The empirical evidence have shown that you are more likely to die 20 times if you’re unvaccinated than those who are vaccinated. The life you save might be yours and loved ones. The Politicians who love and hate are protected. Stopped behaving like Nincompoops. The lips of the wise spread knowledge but not so the hearts of fools. Please take warning ⚠️ Omicron is spreading like wild fire. Dead and infected people can’t vote.

    • Note: “… The empirical evidence have shown that you are more likely to die 20 times if you’re unvaccinated than those vaccinated …”

      Colombo, could you please release the source for the above statement?

      I have never come across this data, and believe you me, I do a whole LOT of research … THANKS!

      • The statistics have shown that 90% of the people who end up in the graveyard from this deadly Virus are unvaccinated. Which means if you have 10 people’s, 9 of dem end up in the graveyard that aren’t vaccinated.Have you lost your brain in the toilet? Please stop spouting foolishness and ignorance about vaccines. Being a FB snd Yutube researcher would not help other’s. You are free to choose but if you do have loved ones please protect them. The lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools. It’s so heartbreaking that people are suffering and ending up in the graveyard and you Naysayers are spreading so much garbage and ignorance about vaccines. I pray that you’ll don’t infected and end up like our brothers and sisters that are longer suffering cause they are dead. Sadly some of them believe the same nonsense you’ll are spouting.

        • Stop pontificating and let everyone see your stats and data … and I also pray that the vaccine injured and the deaths that’s been hidden will be revealed to THE WHOLE WORLD.

          Remember, if you are going to debate with me … prepare yourself properly.


          • … an furthermore, the majority of my data comes from the medical experts who have been silenced by global governments and the MSM, but if you get comfort from shooting the messenger – FILL YOUR BOOTS!

          • Finally a word of truth from you, ” … the majority of my data comes from the medical experts who have been silenced by global governments and the MSM…” And they have all been discredited, debunked and relegated to history’s trash bin. The only place you can readily find their messages is on dubious websites that recycle their message over and over again. And these websites never respond when their claims are debunked, they just go on to the their next outrageous claim. By the way, watching YouTube and following Facebook and Twitter posts (or reading the National Enquirer which is equally credible by your standards) does not qualify as research…give us a break!

            For those that are reading this post (but not you Brixie, because no amount of information will every move you from your warped interpretation of reality) I’ve provided a link that you may find helpful in understanding just how pervasive Covid 19 misinformation is (Special Report: Top COVID-19 Vaccine Myths). It’s a few months old but still informative.


            Please consult your doctor if you have questions about Covid-19 and vaccinations.

          • ‘Say Waffle’, please stop quoting the media outlets that have FINANCIAL links to the Bill Gates Foundations – I have highlighted this to you before.


    • Colombo is correct. These fools deliberately spreading falsehoods about the vaccine should be charged. For evidence just look at any major news site. It’s in fact much harder to find evidence against vaccines because it’s only quacks who are supplying it.
      But I implore everyone not to feed the trolls. We have an extremely serious issue here and we don’t have time to waste debating whether or not the earth is flat.
      For instance the government needs to be called out on why the schools remain open when we know omicron spreads so quickly and is highly infective in children. School is a closed environment where you are in close contact with many others. It’s basically a COVID-19 incubator

      • Nonsense. The likes of Pfizer and the FDA corruptly cheated to get the jabs approved despite early trial evidence that the jabs are highly dangerous. This information is out there in PFIZER’S OWN DOCUMENTS recently released (and being released) by the FDA under Federal court order. Moreover, effective prophylactics and physicians offering these are lied about, smeared and banned as the Emergency Use Only status of the EXPERIMENTAL jab treatments is conditional on effective alternatives to the clot shots not being available.

    • Put down the political crack pipe and do some research. It’s difficult for many vaxxed to accept they’ve been conned.

      The jabs don’t work and increase health risks dramatically, especially for children who are basically at zero risk from covid.

      Prophylactics on the other hand do work.

      • If you keep your head buried in the sand long enough you will suffocate. Perhaps you are already suffering from hypoxia. Show us your research Jack. If anyone has been conned it’s you. Your research is nothing more than reaing misleading, incomplete and out of context statements and quotes from dodgy websites and discredited “experts”. You’re very good at paraphrasing it though, the brainwashing is complete.

        Prophylactics work? So you prefer to use a generic term instead of being specific. Do you mean hydroxychloroquine, maybe invermectin? All debunked and in the trash bin. You don’t hear much about either anymore do you? Unless you follow the accredited medical/scientific expert Joe Rogan. Have you ever read Merck’s position on the use of ivermectin for covid? Merck invented ivermectin and they have found it has no effect against covid and they have safety concerns about it’s use for such purpose. Don’t believe me, read their own words:


        Consult your doctor for the best advice for protecting yourself from covid, not bush doctor MR C.

        • Preach Mr C, when ‘Say Waffle’ starts to call you out, you’ve got under his skin – DON’T LET HIM DETER YOU FROM TELLING THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY. PEACE!

      • Mr.C, I know you’re aware of this but, it’s worth mentioning for those that are not.
        Merck created IVERMECTIN but it has been off patent for some time now — therefore, Merck cannot make billions from it. Many other companies have been making Ivermectin for years — and in India, it literally cost pennies.
        Mercks plan to come out with Molnupiravir was their motivation to try and discredit Ivermectins utility as a covid treatment. You only have to look at how much $$$ they have already made since Molnupiravir’s release to understand why they bad mouthed Ivermectin — and Molnupiravir does Not have the SAFETY record that we know Ivermectin has. All over the world, especially third world countries, people are using Ivermectin for covid with success. These are some heartless people that would allow fellow (POOR) humans that cannot afford and don’t have access to other medicines or to die from covid — when they know that IVM and HCQ kits can rescue them.
        What an disgusting way to make money!

        How Honduras crushed covid 19….


        • ‘Sugarapple’, I don’t know if you have heard in the news that the UK government has recently ordered that their Post Office services can now intercept Ivermectin packages from India and abroad. Wow! – JUST SAYING!

          • I was not aware it’s happening in the UK. It is also happening in the U.S – there are a few compounding pharmacies that will honour an Ivermectin prescription, but they are being targeted.

  3. Whats happening in many hospitals are people going in for all kinds of issues, but once you’re admitted, you have to be tested for covid — and if you’re positive, then they count you as a covid patient… even if you went in for a broken leg.
    Even FRAUDCI spoke about this in regards to children’s numbers. He said hospitals are over counting the Covid cases. In the US the hospitals make extra money from the federal government for covid patients.
    Many people are in with covid NOT because of covid. But covid + = extra $$$ so they milk it.

    Lots of shenanigans happening!!!

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