67 Accidents In The Last Week

Sadique Armstrong Photo

There have been 67 collisions in the last seven days, with 5 yesterday alone, Traffic Police are reporting.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Rodney Ellis, who heads the Traffic Department says “these accidents are caused by negligence from the drivers. Most of them are minor, and these are when people are not paying attention to what they are doing. When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle your focus must be on the road, your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Once you do that, some of these accidents can be avoided. I am therefore advising motorists to focus on the road ahead to avoid accidents.”


ASP Ellis also admitted that speed bumps installed by the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board have contributed to some accidents.

“The type of asphalt that we use here is not suited for the speed bumps now being deployed because as soon as you drive over them they soon begin to move away. I have been in touch with the ABTB to inform them of the issue,” he reported.

The vast majority of accidents have been minor crashes and have not resulted in life threatening injuries.

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  1. Dear Traffic Experts I have a question. Since Friars Hill Road is much wider, when drivers are turning right into the junction like at epicurean or lower down (by ACB) they may given cars coming out of the junction the opportunity to come out. However because the road is so wide traffic coming up on the left will pass the car turning right and if the driver of the car coming out of the junction is not cautious it can cause an accident with that driver that passes the one turning right. Who would be wrong in such an instant. The car coming out of the junction and turning right or the one that would have decided to pass the car turning into junction on the left?

  2. Would Transport Board be using that washout paint my daughter use for craft to paint friars hill and airport road?

  3. 17 accidents on gray hill and no speed bumps,2 schools on the road and students walk in the area often. Contacts was made for speed bumps but none so far bcuz the ministers turn a blind eye on this area.

  4. Drivers need to PAY ATTENTION !!!
    The police needs to pay attention also to those drivers who indicate to go right when they are really going left or don’t indicate at all or stop suddenly in the middle of the road and be holding up a long line of traffic (especially Taxi and buss Drivers) or those who stop and slap open their car doors to let out passengers in the middle of traffic without even checking their mirrors and considering they may loose their door/ doors or cause their passenger/ passengers serious injuries or even death or those drivers who overtaking you to turn the next corner 50 or 100 feet away causing you to slam your brakes so hard sometimes you feel your stomach left you, or those drivers who thinks heavy duty equipment is used in drag racing on the public roads, or those drivers who decide the best place and way to turn around is to do so on a blind corner and to reverse onto a major road.
    Is it that a little money money money passed? or a piece of your bumper ? or is it a cake offer?
    The authorities better wake up and pay attention too.

  5. Ban all the idiot drivers for life. Start fining them heavily and when they don’t pay start taking away their personal belongings.

    There are too many reckless drivers in Antigua.So many cars and very little roads to run them on.They do not stop at “STOP” signs in the heart of St.Johns.They would see you coming on the right of way.They would then tip their brakes and cruise right through in front of you.Sometimes I wondered if there were Police in St.Johns.You need the Traffic Cops out in full force on bikes,motorbikes and in cars.To ticket those who break the Laws of the roads.Speed,speed,speed,is the order of the day in Antigua.There are no areas in Antigua far away.You could drive from Five Islands to Freetown within an hour.Not like driving from Massachusetts to an area in Texas for 19 hours.So why all of the speeding in Antigua.Just for show.Erect speed limits signs and enforce them.

  7. Most accidents are avoidable. People here 1) barely indicate or too late 2) take over in places where you can’t see coming traffic 3) think the bigger the truck the more right of way they have 4) „who reach first“ is not a law – you wait if you have an obstacle in front of you 5) just because a road is wide doesn’t mean you can drive as fast as you can 6) don’t keep enough distance to the car in front – when they break harsh they run into them… 7) are on their phones texting…8) don’t turn your lights on at night and also in heavy rain etc – the list goes on… police isn’t even aware of all this and driving schools don’t seem to teach anything or all licenses are bought.

  8. A lack of enforcement by the Traffic Police is the problem. People know they can do what they want with no consequence. Patrols needed and ticketing acts as a deterrent. It’s done all over the world but not in Antigua. Insurance companies also need to get involved like also happens elsewhere.

  9. Another question why is there only one yellow doted line there? To me that says you can over take on both sides and there is many blind spots. There should be two yellow lines in the middle indicating both sides of traffic. Also put speed signs. If not followed start giving out tickets this can also make the government more money in the potty

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