60% of Africans claim to have no plans of leaving Antigua and Barbuda

African refugees at Dr-Lay-Apts-New-Winthropes

International Organisation for Migration Report:

Nearly all respondents (99%) claimed to have arrived to Antigua and Barbuda via air and 98% used their passport for travel.

Most respondents (51%) did not fund their own trip to Antigua and Barbuda; the majority of those (31%) had family paid for their travel.

At the time of the assessment, most individuals claimed to be without regular migration status.

Most said they resided in the parishes of St John (74%) and St. Mary (15%).

When asked about accommodation type, most respondents (44%) said they were renting a house or an apartment.

60% of respondents claimed to have no plans of leaving Antigua and Barbuda while 36 % had plans on leaving.

Most (76%) had no plans on returning to their country of origin / birth.

A total of 94 % were afraid of returning to their country of birth/origin.

When asked which country was their final destination most respondents (46%) said ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ followed by 16 % who said ‘The United States’.

‘Most respondents said they needed information or support regarding work permits, employment/income generation and legal assistance (including migration status and refugee status determination).

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  1. Of course, they are not going to want to leave Antigua.

    They can’t get to the United States (as they originally wanted to) and no other Caribbean country wants them.

    Only the idiots gaston and his cabal can’t see.

  2. So, the Africans(broke barefoot tourists, refugees, terrorists, mercenaries, Guerrillas) are deciding what laws of the Nation of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA they’re going to abide by?

    Let’s just take the HUE out of the equation, what would the reaction(s) be, if they were from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Nicaragua?

    This is beyond absurd! PERIOD!
    And, please use the “sister/brother’ rhetoric as toilet tissue. The feeling would be the same, if they were Pink, white, Browne, purple, blue black, charcoal biack.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  3. @ we ready; you are on point. The government brought refugees here… ofcourse they will choose the only option available to them. But don’t think for a min that they will try again on another boat to get to the united states…. these people are persistent…

  4. If this government wins the next election then we are really dense as a people.

    • @ Dr, this government has just been returned to office for only three months and look at the problems they have caused:

      1) Cost of living is higher than a kite on Devils Bridge

      2) The ABLP are trying to gaslight Antiguans on their involvement in bringing the Africans here

      3) Gun crime and rape is on the rise

      4) And let us not forget the missing bodies and the tragic deaths of the Africans trying to get to America


  5. Welll…. Africans have NOW taken the Jamaicans Guyanese spot now ANTIGUANS have to compete with them
    Trust Antiguans will soon be answering to them they are the new TEACHERS and will be out in SUPERVISING POSITIONS.

    In ECCAB Friday this African walking up n down peering into ppl hands to see what there doing even when you went to use ATM they peering over you giving you no PRIVACY. To complete your transaction.

    Antigua & Antiguans are now more than ever becoming absolute in government jobs

  6. Idk whose more uglier Jamaicans Haitians or these AFRICANS…. Anyways these men since it’s more of them will be recruiting more of them to come and join bcos they are been catered to by our ILLUSTRIOUS GOVERNMENT…. Wealthy Africans now turn REFUGEES will be soon telling ANTIGUANS now what to do Gaston are YOU proud now.

    Laborites are you quiet badddd NOW the payouts dun how you managing.
    You Antiguans better start learning to be nicer to them they are your new BOSSES

  7. The bright bulb in Gaston’s head is switched on by two things, money and potential voters. Pick the one you think Gaston sees with the Africans.

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