While Bestbonus’s previous website was extremely well-designed, it was missing out on several of the factors that can help a website rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs). By addressing these shortcomings with their new site, Bestbonus was able to rapidly increase their organic traffic and revenue from search engine traffic in just a couple of months. Here are six ways Bestbonus’s improved web design helped with SEO.

1) A Rebrand Enhances Visibility

When it comes to looking for a new service or product, consumers are often attracted to bright and shiny things. This is why rebranding can be so successful—you already have something great going for you, but you’re giving people another reason to notice your business. A rebranding can help separate you from your competitors and catch their eye in crowded marketplaces. Try incorporating bolder graphics into your website and review your SEO strategy; both of these can help make a big impact on search engine results Jimmy Huh SEO

2) A Rebrand Reduces Confusion

Rebranding is an excellent way to refresh your identity, but it can confuse search engines. If you choose to rebrand, make sure you’re following proper protocols and ensuring search engines pick up on your new brand.

3) A Rebrand Aligns With Their Target Audience

When Bestbonus first opened their doors, they were focused on online gaming, which left their web design outdated and unappealing to their target audience. A rebrand was just what they needed to start providing a more modern, up-to-date experience for their customers. They completely overhauled their image by reworking how people find them online and how people view them as a brand in general.

4) A Rebrand Creates a New Look

Rebranding is a powerful way to create a new look and feel for your business and will help increase brand awareness. A lot of times, people are drawn to logos as they immediately convey something about your company’s philosophy or image. By creating a logo that you own and control, you can preserve it in its original format for as long as you’d like without having to worry about changing web design providers down the road. In other words, your new logo will be around for years.

5) Keyword Density

Many business owners know they need to optimize their website for search engine traffic, but they don’t know how. Keyword density refers to how many times you mention a certain keyword or phrase in your website content. Using high-density keywords can improve your ranking on search engines like Google by making it clear that your site is relevant to a specific subject.

6) On-Page Optimization

Online search engines index a website’s content, including how it’s written and presented. The search engine spiders then analyze that data to determine how relevant your website is for search queries. To help them do their job, be sure you’re using keyword phrases related to your business in your on-page optimization efforts. For example, if you want to rank for Bestbonus Website Online Casino, that phrase should appear throughout your site.

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