6 Unknown Facts About Sex Toys That Will Surprise You


The internet is a treasure trove of information and it can be a place where you can find naughty bits of information about sex toys. Most of us may already have a mental image of what a sex toy is and we may have some vague idea of what they are for. Just because the name already gives away what a sex toy is for, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to learn about it.

Read on Dapoxetine to know other interesting facts about sex toys that you probably didn’t know and will surprise you.


  • Sex Toys for Men Vary as Much as for Women


When it comes to variety, it’s not just the women who have a wealth of options, men also have many choices on the kind of sex toys they can use. When it comes to dildos for women, men also have fleshlights as counterparts, which makes the sex toy market a versatile and energetic one. Pleasure and performance enhancements make the top categories when it comes to men’s sex toy choice and penis pumps meet these two categories. Another factor that matters for men is visible and immediate results. Men want to last longer and do better when it comes to sex and devices such as the pump can deliver results fast. 


  • Dildos Have Been Used Since Ancient Times


If you initially thought dildos were used during the period of ancient civilization, you’d be surprised that the timeline has been pushed back as far as 28,000 years. Supporting this is the discovery of an ancient phallus discovered in a cave in Germany. It is 28 millennia old and has dimensions of 20 centimeters in length and 3 centimeters in width and is made of siltstone. This goes to show that our great ancestors already had creative innovations for enhancing sexual pleasure.


  • Vibrators Were Initially Made to Relieve Hysteria


A few centuries back, hysteria was considered as an illness of the female population that is characterized by a “wandering womb” or an extreme case of sexual frustration. Doctors during those times considered that a good way of treating hysteria is to have women experienced some good sex or have an explosive-mind-numbing orgasm. This prompted the invention of a steam-powered prototype in 1869, thanks to the efforts of George Taylor.


  • Vibrators Were Once Featured in the Appliance Section


The novelty of the invention of the early vibrator led it to be categorized as an appliance in the early 20th century. In the early 1900s, vibrators became featured in advertising catalogs, particularly the Sears catalog. Back then, when you turn right over to the appliances page, you’ll see vibrators among the featured products.


  • Bondage Sales Surged Up Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey


Yup, the buzz created by both the book and the movie translated into great sales boosts not just in sex toys. The erotic bondage scenes also inspired a lot of viewers and readers to try out some bondage sex toys to spice up their sex experience.


  • Fleshlights Use Real Women as Design Inspirations


Men can be surprisingly particular about the feel and texture of this sex toy, which is why an ordinary silicone hole just doesn’t cut it. Thus, the makers of fleshlights have employed the help of women as models to get the anatomy and texture right. Czech porn actress Eufrat Mai is one of the most popular fleshlight design models and contributors.



We purposely left other unknown facts of the discussion here so that you can conduct your research. It’s good to gain some naughty educational insights about the toys that aid in making sex more fun and pleasurable. Go to the internet and find out more about the sex toy that you have and discover things that can make you appreciate sex toys even more.

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