6 Top Destinations for Your Next Adventure Vacation


When it’s time to take that next vacation, most people spend a lot of time planning the perfect getaway. They choose where they want to go and what they want to do there. Then, the biggest fear after all that planning the trip comes true: 


Will their vacation be everything they hoped it would be? And the answer is often no because they overlook the fact that not every location is the best fit for their specific type of trip (like adventure vacations). 


If you plan to visit any destination abroad to enjoy a variety of new experiences, you need a place where you can travel easily to different locations each day. Here are six top destinations for your next adventure vacation!


If you’ve heard of Antarctica but were never sure exactly where it is on a map, then you’re not alone! That continent is pretty big and known for being quite cold, too. Still, if you want to know where to go, if your idea of an adventure vacation takes on the form of a journey into the icy depths, away from warm summertime breezes, it’s worth knowing where that is. 


Antarctica is the most popular destination for people looking for a cold place to visit in their warmer-weather vacation. And while there are hundreds of places to go, this one still sticks out as being especially true to what you imagine as a paradise frozen under the ice.


To say that Thailand is exotic and mysterious would be a great understatement. In fact, with its Buddhist traditions and immense rock formations, Thailand possesses some of the most captivating landscapes in the world of Asian travel. It is home to some of the most beautiful islands in the world, which has recently become more popular among tourists. 


The best way to experience the beauty of Thailand is to go on an adventure vacation. Adventure vacations are more active than a usual vacation and allow you to enjoy the wonderful sights Thailand has to offer.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is often regarded as an all-inclusive adventure travel destination. It’s the kind of place where you could dive in one day and go white-water rafting the next. Costa Rica prides itself on its eco-tourism efforts, maintaining a pristine landscape for its tourists to enjoy in the most sustainable way possible. 


Even if you’ve never set foot there before, you’re likely aware there is much to experience in Costa Rica, and the country can easily delight any person who loves adventure and wants to see natural landscapes as well as beautiful historic structures. No Country in the world can compare to Costa Rica when it comes to sunsets!


Greece is a country of beautiful scenery and history, so it’s no surprise that the country attracts millions of tourists every year. Whether you are hiking, biking, sailing, or boating there is always something new to see. You can even explore the ruins of Minoan culture, as the archaic city of Crete was once one of the most powerful cities in the Mediterranean. The weather is warm and there are amazing beaches. If you fancy a European adventure, Greece should be at the top of your list.


If you’re on the hunt for your next adventure vacation, you can’t go wrong with Australia, America’s neighboring country in the southern hemisphere. If there was an award for the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the world, Australia would probably make the shortlist every time. Experience the wildlife in their habitats; feed, eat (yes! that too) or enjoy the sights of the Kangaroo as they live.


Walk into any travel agency or tourist office and you will often hear that Australia is “the best of everything.” This is because such a vast variety of natural landscapes are available across this enormous country – from beaches to rainforests to deserts to mountains.

United States

Even before you travel to the States, you will find that there’s a lot to learn from this country. The US has just the right blend of everything for every need, bringing together people from different parts of the world. 


The sheer quantity, as well as quality of resorts in the United States, makes it one of the most sought-after destinations for an adventure vacation. 


Top adventure destinations within the states include Llama trekking in California, kayaking through Yellowstone, climbing the stairway to heaven on Oahu, or trekking the Pico Mountains in Vermont. And after all of that, you can feel home away from home, in one of the impressive Vermont vacation rentals, which is what most people tend to do. With so much to do and so many places to visit, it is little wonder the state is an attractive destination yearly.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular adventure destinations on the planet. From chasing waterfalls to kayaking through glaciers, this stunning country has it all. It’s a perfect location for entering your next chapter as it offers a stunning land rich with landscapes and culture that will make you feel alive.


Morocco is a country in North Africa, that has everything you need for your next adventure vacation. Morocco is located at the very northwest corner of Africa sharing borders with Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco is known for having some incredible hotels, food, scenery, and culture. 


Morocco has preserved its cultural values despite globalization pressure and remains one of the top tourist destinations in North Africa. Morocco offers several activities from mountain climbing and kayaking as well as cultural visits. 


Some popular climbing spots are the Toubkal Peak located near Marrakesh and Foum Zguid which is near Ouarzazate. Morocco is a place for your happenings, a must-visit place if you really want to have an adventure.


Ah, the hum of the engine as the plane glides smoothly along the runway, soaring up to take off into the air. The rush of adrenaline as you and your family experience the thrill of arriving in a new country. The indescribable feeling of serenity you get when your toes burn against soft sand while water laps gently against your feet. 


Adventure vacations are key to building your own dreams, exploring different cultures, and creating priceless memories with loved ones.


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