6 Fun Activities You Can Do Outside With Your Kids


When you have kids of your own, you finally understand the value of having quality time with them. The fact of the matter is, you won’t get that time back, so you need to act upon it immediately. We live in the age of technology and electronics, and while our children are extremely tech savvy and have an immense amount of exposure to knowledge, this has resulted in less time spent outdoors. 

This is why we’ve come up with 6 activities that you can get involved in with your kids to have fun and bond together for years to come.

Outdoor sports

A sure way to get your kids interested in an outdoor activity is to entice them with the promise of the fun and competitive nature of outdoor sports. You can’t really go wrong with basketball, for example. Depending on the space in which you’re going to put the hoop in, you’re going to be able to determine the style and size. If you do your research right, you’ll be able to find a decent URL that can give you all the info you need to get the correct hoop for your space. Basketball is a great option because you can have a number of players, play one on one, or even just practice on your own. Other options are soccer, baseball, hockey, and so on. The list is endless, just make sure it’s a sport that allows your family to get together as often as possible.


A great way to expose your kids to the outdoors is to get them into camping. Camping is amazing because it allows you all to detach from your technological dependencies and understand that survival and fun is possible with the use of electronics, or even electricity for that matter! You get to teach your kids more about nature and how to manage in the outdoors using their minds and hands effectively. And you also get to gaze at the stars sitting on an inflatable camping couch, explore insects and plants, and just find a better way to bond with one another and with nature at the same time. Build a treehouse

Another way to connect with nature and detach from technology is to build a treehouse for and with your kids. This is also a great bonding experience, and it will give your children skills on how to build, measure, and consider safety precautions from an early age. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment that they will feel once it is complete and all of you can finally utilize it! You can decorate it and put magazines and even a telescope for instance- whatever they want!

Bikes, skateboards & roller skates

It’s time for us to remind our kids of the importance of movement and being active. The best way to do that is to make it a habit to use one of these items whenever you go out, rather than using the car to go to the grocery store, for example. Teach your kids how to ride a bike, a skateboard or how to roller skate, and you’ll find that they will want to spend more time outdoors- trying out tricks and going for rides together, just to change things up a bit from the daily routine. 

Science experiments

There are so many cool science experiments that you can do outdoors with your kids. These are not only fun, but are super educational and interactive as well. So not only will you be laughing and having fun with your kids outdoors, but you’ll also be teaching them important scientific factors that are sometimes extremely useful in practical life- or just plain fun! It’s important for them to learn about chemical reactions, biology and how physics works in everyday life, and there’s no better way to do that than by trying out a couple of experiments outdoors and getting your hands dirty!


Gardening is something that is usually associated with older people- but have you ever stopped to think why? It’s because gardening is a great exercise to practice patience and it’s extremely relaxing. If you make it a point to do a bit of gardening with your kids, you’ll be exposing them to an activity that will teach them the value of patience. It will also teach them how to grow their own herbs and vegetables, and how to be responsible for something that they can grow from scratch.

If you try out these 6 tips, then you will find that it’s much easier than you imagined to bring your children out into the outdoors in a way where they can actually have a great time. Not only that, but you will be able to bond with your kids as well, and also teach them valuable lessons. 


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