55 new cases of COVID-19

(Dashboard Update for February 25, 2021)
The most recent reports received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) have revealed fifty-five (55) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Wednesday 24th February 2021 at 6pm.
Subsequent to the publication of the dashboard for Wednesday 24th February 2021 with the cut off time of 6pm, an additional forty-eight (48) samples were processed at MSJMC increasing the pending results from three hundred (300) to three hundred and forty-eight (348) in total.
Of the one hundred and fifty-four (154) samples processed by MSJMC, one hundred and twenty-six (126) were negative and twenty-eight (28) positive.  Twelve (12) of these positive cases were repeat tests.
Of the one hundred and ninety-four (194) samples sent to CARPHA, one hundred and fifty-one (151) were negative and forty-three (43) positive.  Four (4) of these positive cases were repeat tests.
All fifty-five (55) positive cases are non-imported.

Thirty-eight (38) recoveries have been recorded bringing the total to two hundred and seventy-one (271).

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is seven hundred and one (701); which is inclusive of four hundred and sixteen (416) active cases.
Meanwhile, one hundred and sixty-two (162) samples are pending. The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.


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  1. Still not a single word of condolence from the Pm or cabinet. I guess that would be admitting there was a problem. Still, business must continue to profit, regardless of how many Antiguans get sick or die. Irony is, a de facto lockdown is occurring anyway, with business after business and government department being forced to close because they just can’t operate with so many sick employees. So the government strategy has produced the worst of all outcomes.

  2. The only businesses open are supermarkets and restaurants which can be open with long hours until 2 am with ramped up food delivery services

    And deliver food to the needy.

    Everyone stay home.

    Vaccinations are not going to happen quick enough to stop this snowballing outbreak.

    And remember vaccinations do not treat the sick.

    Why won’t Antigua do what every other reasonable country did when facing an outbreak? Which is immediately close borders and lockdown for 2 weeks.

    These crazy tightening restrictions don’t have to go on for a year or indefinitely. Just do the hard thing, the right thing for 2-4 weeks and then reopen sensibly.

    • I agree with you, but that’s one solution they refuse to implement. We just have to pray and be safe.

    • It’s a difficult one… I agree with your comment, wholeheartedly.


      The government has no money, economic collapse isn’t out of the questions as a country as small as Antigua isn’t bolstered like larger countries may be. In reality, Antigua produces and exports very little and as we all know the majority of revenue is generated through tourism.

      The government must be close to the brink if they can’t consider a 2-4 week lockdown. Perhaps they’re only 2-4 weeks from a total or partial collapse if they were to shut off completely.

      I only speculate, just interesting to discuss it.

  3. NY variant may create vaccine issues
    In New York, a new variant that carries a mutation that may weaken the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines has been identified as the B.1.526 variant. It was first discovered in November, and now accounts for about one in four viral sequences in a database shared by scientists, according to the New York Times.
    Cases have been detected across New York City, researchers said, and threaten to once again make the city a hot spot of viral infection. They say the strain’s “unique set of spike mutations may also pose an antigenic challenge for current interventions,” such as vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapies.

  4. “The crisis situation remains manageable; the health systems are not overwhelmed.” Cabinet Report Weds 17 Feb 2021

    “As bad as it is, it could be worse” Minister of Information Fri 26 Feb 2021

    @ Arnold – our politrickians are incapable of empathy or apology. They would all do well to study the leadership SKILLS of Jacinda Arden (unlikely as SHE has been hugely successful leading empathetically and strategically through an earthquake, terrorist bombing, pandemic and Kiwi’s trust her. Trust…an elusive element in Antigua politricks, no matter the party).

  5. Is the testing supplies contaminated? Maybe we should be testing the testing supplies. How is it that we have such a spike in cases when a couple of months ago we were advised of 3 or 4? Were we being lied to?

    • There are still tourists coming to the island with disease but those people aren’t being given PCR tests so they’ll never be in the official count

      You are having a major outbreak in your island which is much larger than the official count is showing.

      This has happened because your government never handled this pandemic properly.

      The huge spike is directly related to the huge influx of people during the holidays and New Year (with most not being quarantined or tested) coupled with the lack of enforcement of sensible practices on island

      There’s always been more cases and deaths than the government was willing to admit but right now you’re in a huge outbreak with probably thousands of infected people on island

      Stay home if you can. If not get good quality N95 or KN95 masks

  6. Do you all think its a coincidence the cases has rise when the vaccine is out.some people will be fearful and rush for the vaccine for everlasting life.
    It is even a possibility the test kits are contaminated?
    A foolish person will accept everything in the media without questioning. In these days the heart of man is desperately wicked

    • Whether the vaccines are safe is another issue

      But there’s an actual outbreak happening

      Please use your head. This money hungry government is trying to minimize how bad v things really are not exaggerate it.

      • Really? Tell me then why the FLU has disappeared?
        They did some slight of hand trick and renamed FLU to COVID.
        It’s all a sham.

        • Do you think doctors and nurses working in ERs and ICUs are lying about what they are seeing?

          People whose family members have died are lying?

          Symptoms unique to COVID are all big lies? Like loss of taste and smell, Kawasaki like disease in children, COVID toes, happy hypoxia, platelet destruction and thousands of microthrombi on autopsy?

          Please stop being a fool

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