52 buildings to benefit from US $42.1 million project that will transform existing infrastructure into climate-proof buildings


This is the project launch for Green Climate Fund Build Project Launch. Resilience to hurricanes in the building sector in Antigua and Barbuda.


The DOE’s Funding Proposal entitled Resilience to Hurricanes in the Building Sector in Antigua and Barbuda (GCF Build) approved by the GCF Board in August 2020 for implementation over a 6-year period.


The project was approved at the total cost of USD 46.1 million; USD 32.7 million of which will be contributed by the Green Climate Fund and USD 13.4 million through co-financing from the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.


In a Cabinet Decision dated September 23, 2020, the Cabinet of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda agreed to the establishment of a Project Management Unit within the Ministry of Finance as the Executing Entity (EE) for the GCF Build.


This project will significantly boost the integration of fundamental climate change response mechanisms in Government’s existing physical infrastructure and build public and private sector capacity (thorough certified training at the UWI Five Islands and ABICE) to install, maintain and operate climate change adaptation technologies across Antigua and Barbuda and beyond (as marketable export skills).


In a more specific sense, the project will see the implementation of climate proofing interventions in critical public service buildings to improve resilience to and by extension, reduce periods of economic disruption brought on by extreme climate events.


These interventions include renewable energy technologies, water harvesting and water storage technologies and storm water drainage for those schools in inundation zones. The project will also:


  1. Transform five clinics into climate resilient hurricane shelters
  2. Construct or repair and renovate a building into a purpose-built climate-resilient bunker to store emergency supplies for the health, energy, building and welfare sectors
  3. Address mainstreaming of climate adaptation in the building sector and into public and private financial, insurance and banking sectors and
  4. Strengthen of climate information services to facilitate early action in the building sector to respond to extreme climate events.



Below are three main components of this project and the specific activities to be pursued under each component (implementing partners bracketed):


  1. Implementing climate-proofing interventions in critical public service and community buildings to improve resilience to, and recovery from, extreme climate events (Ministry of Works, Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, Ministry of Social Transformation, National Office of Disaster Services (NODS), Department of Environment). Activities in this component include
  2. Implementing climate-proofing measures (including improving the structural integrity of the buildings, installation of RE systems (including battery packs for back-up energy), installing climate resilient water harvesting equipment (including solar pumps) and installing stormwater drainage solutions on 14 buildings located within the inundation zones in Antigua);
  3. Constructing climate-resilient storm shelters attached to five (5) public clinics;

iii. Constructing a climate-resilient bunker to store emergency supplies for the health, energy, building and welfare sectors;

  1. Implementing measures within public institutions to effectively and efficiently back-up and preserve vital information/data.


Below is a list of the buildings which have been earmarked for these interventions.


List of Buildings

  • Freetown Primary School
  • MET Office
  • Bendals Primary School
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Bolans Primary School
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Jennings Primary School
  • National Archives
  • Urlings Primary School
  • Barbuda Council Hall
  • Liberta Primary School
  • Department of Environment Building Antigua 1
  • Department of Environment Building Antigua 2
  • Willikies Primary School
  • Department of Environment Barbuda
  • Cedar Grove Primary School
  • Governor General Official Buildings
  • Cobbs Cross Primary School
  • Audit Department
  • Antigua State College Building 1
  • Antigua State College Building 2
  • Public Works Building 1
  • Public Works Building 2
  • Her Majesty’s Prison
  • All Saints Health Clinic
  • Bendals Health Clinic
  • Bolans Health Clinic
  • Clarevue Psychiatric Clinic Building 1
  • Clarevue Psychiatric Clinic Building 2
  • Clarevue Psychiatric Clinic Building 3
  • Clarevue Psychiatric Clinic Building 4
  • Parham Health Clinic
  • Potters Health Clinic
  • Swetes Health Clinic
  • Pigotts Health Clinic
  • Cedar Grove Health Clinic
  • Old Road Health Clinic
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Grays Farm Health Clinic
  • Red Cross
  • Bethesda Health Clinic
  • National Vocational and Rehabilitation Centre for Persons with Disabilities
  • All Saints Fire Station
  • All Saints Police Station
  • High Court of Justice
  • Defense Force Building 1
  • Defense Force Building 2
  • Police Headquarters
  • St. John’s Fire Station
  • Liberta Police Station
  • Gray’s Farm Police Station
  • Barbuda Police Station

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  1. Being that the filching without conscience seemingly never seems to stop, can’t help but wonder how much will actually go to the buildings!!

      • When it is going to be run out of the ministry of finance, where will be the oversight? We know nobody dare question the top Dog. Don’t be surprised if funds are not accounted for.

        • Are u Jackie Quinn or Jackie Donkey? You pay back Medical Benefits yet for the US$500,000.00 that Baldwin Spencer commanded dem to give you for your cancer treatment????

          Shame on you Jackie!!!!

          • Do the current ministers pay for medical treatment overseas? All things Labour full up your head making you mad.

  2. Wonder what they want in exchange for these climate funds now? Other than Al Gore’s fictional documentary there’s no evidence that anybody except God controls the weather. O well, hope the money gets to where it needs to go.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they want your soul on a platter
      But since it’s Antigua, they want it in a Kentucky box 🤣🤣

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