$5000 Reward Offered for Information on Jolly Harbour Home Invasion


A $5000 reward is being offered for credible information leading to the arrest of four suspects involved in a home invasion at Jolly Harbour.

On July 8, 2024, around 9:00 PM, the suspects forcibly entered an elderly man’s home, stealing money, a laptop, and personal documents, and assaulted the victim.

The police urge anyone with information or who saw suspicious activity to contact the Bolans Police Station at 46-1080 or call Crimestoppers Hotline at 800-8477.

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  1. Where were ur secrurity guard ? Why were they not beening vigilant an make checks. How come dem don’t know wat car or how many people was in the car an where there were going ?.. u all need to check dem secrurity first. Mine view

  2. People need gun for dem business and property too, mek the government free up the gun dem so people can get to protect themselves and property.

  3. Where was this crime committed? Was it in jolly harbor compound, where you have to pass the security gates ? Or was it on the other side in the Harbor View Area ??
    I know security normally ask where you going and take down your license plate number .

  4. $5,000 reward ? That offense must have been in the Dubai section of Antigua 🇦🇬. Maybe the robber will turn himself in for the reward 🤔….Antigua sad sad …the home owner should have buss a cap in they ass

  5. It is time for the powers that be to make drastic changes. They are either going to arm all citizens without a criminal record or past legislation that would make examples out of these criminals.

    St. Pertsburg Russia 🇷🇺 has a population of over 5 million yet crime is almost non existent. Listen what some said who visited:

    Moscow and St. Petersburg are the safest cities in Europe. Even now. Of course, you need to be careful everywhere, not to show money to everyone, for example. Moscow and St. Petersburg are accustomed to foreigners, because there are a lot of foreigners at any time of the year.

    Antigua boast increased numbers in tourism this year yet them whole of Antigua population is a fraction of that is Russia. Stop listening to propaganda about Putin.

    Chicago had 70 murders in one weekend this year and no travel advisory issued.

  6. People don’t call the police, they move sneaky so I think you’ll need a WhatsApp number for them private people who wanna do good an stay protected by themselves, I bet if they leave a name an WhatsApp number they will get a photo in less than 48 hours

  7. I am shock at the discrimination of crime by the police in Antigua which is very disproportionate, a case of example is an 81 year old sweets resident that firstly encounter this ordeal of been beaten and rob in his home followed secondly by an elderly of jolly harbor who is now treated differently where police or the government for that Matter is offering $5000 reward for info, so demographics comes into play for example swetes village a poor area to jolly harbor a rich or affluent area, security is monetized by demographics and affluence and perhaps ethnicity.

  8. Yes, the resident lives in an area of Jolly Harbour that would require entry/exit via security points. Neither article mentioned a vehicle being used, so them being on foot is possible.

    Regarding the reward, it’s not always the police or state offering the reward, sometimes private people and organisations put up the funds.


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