$5000 Reward For Missing Dog


LOST Reward of $5000.00 E.C


Our Milo is missing, he wears a black collar and is chipped.


Paradise view area.


Please call 780-8224 or 736-2816 if you have seen him or have any information on his whereabouts. Highly appreciated!!!!





  1. A monetary offer seems to be the only thing that tends to motivate your average community and citizens.
    Good luck with Milo’s safe return

    • So what if it is a dog.My pets are a part of my family.Good to know it is chipped.Just hoping Milo is found,safely.

  2. What is this? $5000.00 is total nonsense for any dog anywhere in the world. $50.00 would be more appropriate. This is a DOG, not a human being.

    • CERMLE..,Many people in the US and around the world will pay more than $5000 tiger a dog back ..cermle .. please don’t be disrespectful. It’s like a member of the family… if you don’t understand it or can’t relate, please don’t be disrespectful. You can say you don’t understand it, but please don’t call the family’s actions total nonsense or say 50.00 is enough. You cannot put a price on someone else’s treasure.

      Some dogs are support for people with down syndrome and other diseases and are priceless to families.. people perform Ancestory test on dogs .. take out life insurance pet policies and Have vet bills of over $2000us for a dog… in Antigua things maybe different but because you cannot relate… please don’t be disrespectful

      • @ dog lover…$50 you say when Pringle get a whole $500 for ah ded one!!!!!

        • Wow! Just asking for a friend.. it’s sad that you would bring in politics … everything doesn’t have to do with politics.

          Are you comparing a dead animal on the street to someone rewarding for a lost family pet? Please tell me you have more ethics than that..

        • ‘Just asking for a friend’ maybe you should read dog lovers comment.. she didn’t say anything about 50.00 it was the person cermle that said 50 is enough. She just told the person you can’t tell the family the value to put on the dog.

          Come on people let’s read and not pass judgment so quickly and yes …. a family pet was lost and the family is distraught … what at all does Pringle/politics and dead dogs around Antigua have to do with this situation.

          Antiguans always and forever will always see blue or red …. that’s why we will never get ahead.

          If it’s hot is labor fault … if it’s cold is upp fault .., come on man everything is not politics .. chups … y’all seem cer brain washed.

          A bit insensitive I think

    • Speak for yourself!! My dog is deffo part of my family! We had her from she was 6 weeks. Couldnt see our home and life without her! My kids grew up with her! Hope milo is found 🙏 💙

  3. Here puppy puppy puppy!!! Come see let me get that $5000.00 lward know how things rough and me need um!!!

  4. It is mating season. If he is not neutered check homes with females in heat. I found mine in a vacant lit to scared to come out he barked when he heard my voice. For those whii love dogs the pain if grief is very real. Hoping for his safe return

  5. Some people dont have no love in their heart these days , whether to a beast or mankind. A dog is a man best friend, more loyal than alot of humans out there

  6. Five thousand dollars would feel a lot of lost and homeless people in Antigua, not to mention how much food it would buy for homeless dogs. Time to rethink this whole thing. We starting to sound like a bunch of rich Trumpites.

    • @CONRAD: Is it your damn money?If the owner want to pay any amount to get his dog back.Who are you to judge.It is the Administration’s responsibility to take care of all Citizens of the Nation.Not this dog’s owner. If he/she could afford to pay kudos to them.

      • VERY WELL SAID BLACKMAN. Conrad made no sense. What does how much the owner wants to pay for THEIR dog have to do with feeding homeless people.

  7. Did anybody check with Pringle. Hopefully thet found the dog by now, or it came home. Just wish we would have this much concern for every human who is missing.

  8. Y antiguans like to take up ppl burden??
    Which one of y’all $5000 the man take up and spent on his reward??

    Ah fu you?
    Mind ya business and huh long with ya day….
    Y it bother you so much??

    If u want the 5000 go look fa milo and collek the money… R u too fars!!!

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