$500 fine for not wearing seatbelt to be implemented this year


Following the annual Throne Speech, Budget Speech and debate, the judicial arm of government will bring to Parliament in February three important bills which will be amended and replaced.


On agenda will be the Road Traffic Amendment Act. The Act which is subject to negative resolution in Parliament is subject to change. The updates once passed will see an increase in the monetary fine for persons caught not wearing seat belt. The amended figure will be $500 EC dollars.


In addition there to, the Praedial Larceny Prevention Act which was enacted in 1954 will be repealed and replaced by an Act to protect farmers produce and livestock. The changes will ensure that adequate compensation is rewarded to farmers and livestock owners for the damage or theft by the offending person or persons.


Also the Medical Treatment Act passed back in 1957 will also be replaced by the Mental Health Act of 2022.


The Minister of Legal Affairs Steadroy Cutie Benjamin said laws that are outdated will be looked at and amended in Parliament so that they can reflect the changes that are taken place in modern society.


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  1. Good move on seat belts fine.
    How about a fine for drivers who allow children to ride unsecured without a safe car seat. They are our most precious cargo. To often they are seen standing in the front seat of cars.

      Excellent suggestion Safety First. The fine should be double the adult fine, as driver is responsible for ALL passengers including any minors.

      I sure hope children secured with relevant age car seat, then in back seat, sitting down & wearing seat belt will be detailed in the act.

  2. Hopefully they have no exemptions for Police officers, who seem to be the worst offenders in regard to seatbelts and talking on their phones

    • Are you mad? Police never wrang. Police is the pigs that never stink, they alwasz sweet.
      dont seh dat my youth, respect the pigs.

  3. THE VERY FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO IN YOUR CARS IS TO PUT ON YOUR SEATBELTS. How about education? If you were to educate the people in regards to seat belts usage safety. Then I do believed the usage results would be better than it is now. By the way,those Driving Schools should be pushing seatbelts safety in students trainings. Where I am living you would pay up to US $200.00 including Court Costs for not wearing a seatbelt.SO WEAR YOUR BELTS OR BE PREPARED TO PAY $500.00 IN 2022,IN ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA,THEY SAY SEATBELTS SAVES LIVES.

    • Driving schools do push that like everything else. It resonates with them until the pass their exams. After that all hell break loose. the drive without seat belts, they play loud music and drive recklessly. You know its like a cat. He is so fond and loving when he is small. When he grows up nutten tarl thief so!!!!

  4. I do agree that occupants of vehicles should wear seatbelts, I am totally annoyed that the law exempts police officers from wearing seatbelts. They are also exempted from prosecution for driving and talking on cellphones. I mean it’s the most asinine exemption for police officers in the western hemisphere. It makes absolutely no sense.

  5. Dem waan do as dem like inna Anteega and soon as dem rech a merca as soo as dem jump inna vehicle d driver no even haffu tell dem put on dem seat belt. People just feel they can be lawless in Antigua.

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