5 Ways to promote your hospitality business on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most coveted social media platforms. With billions of users globally, it is the appropriate choice for many businesses including the hospitality sector. This sector is somewhat different from the mainstream businesses and involves additional effort. However, with the right approach, you can achieve your target and witness exponential growth and revenue.

If you want to grow your hospitality business effortlessly, just pay a few bucks and buy Instagram followers.

There’s no hard and fast rule for getting a wider reach on Instagram. We have uncovered certain strategies that will put you miles ahead of the crowd including Instagram growth service

This article comprises 5 actionable ways that will allow you to promote your hospitality business on Instagram with ease. Read the complete article to nail your hospitality business marketing on Instagram, increase your brand visibility and boost engagement.

  • Forget the rest and be the best


Owing to a large number of hotels and other hospitality businesses, you need to develop a detailed brand strategy. Multiple factors such as your brand voice, targeted audience’s preference, and industry characteristics will cast the spotlight on your brand. For best results, try to adopt a calculative approach and do away with random posting. Strategic planning goes a long way to bring a satisfactory result, sometimes even miracles. Ensure that your content is best suited for your brand. Add the cherry on the cake by focusing on the targeted audience and maintaining an organized posting schedule. Follow this tip to get a wider reach on Instagram along with the greatest amount of exposure.


  • Prioritize Client Perspective


Your clients must get what they want. This is the mantra of most successful businesses today and is ideal for hospitality businesses too. Hence, if you have been lately lingering on this aspect, it might be the right time to adopt this rule. Your Instagram business page should reflect this. Become proactive today and start targeting a specific audience base. If you deal in wedding planning services, showcase content related to that. Likewise, if you provide event management services, portray the same. Tailored content seems more natural and brings a fair degree of engagement. For your customers, getting what they want is nothing short of a jackpot. Besides this, curated content seems less promotional and gives you an edge over competitors. Go ahead and leverage various Instagram features including stories and reels to curate the content

that resonates with people’s experiences and desires. Doing will result in a wider reach on Instagram.


  • Collaborate with influencers


Influencer Marketing is still relevant in 2021 and stands true to its hype. Influencers are individuals who have established a name in the online world by the creation of high-quality and engaging content. They are the leaders in a particular industry or niche and enjoy higher engagement ratios. For this very reason, many brands and businesses collaborate with them to win their audience. What’s more? You can invite bloggers to visit you to promote your business amongst their followers. If you wanna take things to the next level, hold numerous celebrations on special occasions and invite renowned people. Indeed, Influencer Marketing has offered an indirect way of promoting services and products. There is no stopping and dearth of opportunities. You just need to trust influencers and see the magic of networking. If you desire a wider reach on Instagram without much effort, there can’t be another alternative.


  • Location and appropriate hashtags


Using locations is as important as SEO optimization for availing a wider reach on Instagram. To nail this trick, ensure the best usage of geotags and hashtags. These tags must take visitors towards the location of your hotels or other establishments. If your business is located in a particular area, these tags will narrow down the search. Potential customers who reside in the vicinity can then easily discover your services. Geotags are a proven method to achieve skyrocket engagement rates and focused exposure. However, try to avoid overusing your brand name with every hashtag. This will maintain your brand awareness.


  • Display your surrounding beauty and aesthetics.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and its natural variant is aesthetic.

Instagram allows you to promote your brand professionally to attract more followers and get a wider reach for your page. The photo-centric platform allows both images and videos to entice visitors. You can take advantage of various features such as Instagram Reels, videos, and stories to portray natural beauty. On the flip side, you must avoid posting too much content as your audience will take you as a mere promoter or marketer of services. Have a laser focus on your business, be generous, and promote the best sights that adjoin or surround your business. If possible, showcase the talent of artists and craftsmen in your videos. Spend some time strolling the streets and capture the events happening in and around. Grab your camera to take the perfect click of any occasion and add a touch of exception to an Instagram business page.


We hope you find these 5 tips as effective survival methods for your hospitality business page on Instagram. Our team has spent hours on meticulous planning and creating a calculative strategy for promoting your hospitality business on Instagram. We have performed our piece of work. Now, it’s time for you to invite people and mesmerize them with your beautiful accommodation.


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