5 Tips To Keep High Sugar Levels in Control


High blood sugar, also known as hyperglycemia, is a condition in which the sugar level in the human body’s bloodstream increases more than usual. According to a study, the prevalence of diabetes in India is approximately 11.8%. This prevalence is more found in men than in women.

There are majorly three types of diabetes, namely type-1, type-2 and gestational diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is diabetes in which the blood sugar levels are high. However, the suffering person doesn’t need to take insulin shots to stabilise the blood sugar level. Type -2 diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar level increases to a very high level which may further lead to kidney failure and other possibly lethal diseases if not given insulin shots on time.


The third most common diabetes is gestational diabetes, usually occurring during pregnancy and is a curable condition.


Although not curable, with the right treatment and a cushion such as Diabetes health insurance for financial emergencies, one can easily manage a life as a diabetic. Below are the five most common tips that can help to keep high sugar levels in control.


5 Tips to Take Control Over Diabetes

Diabetes can be highly lethal and may lead to problems such as renal failure, liver failure, intestinal problems, etc. However, high blood sugar levels can be managed if the right measures are taken. Here are five foolproof tips to keep blood sugar regulated.


Work Out Regularly

A sedentary lifestyle can be one of the biggest reasons for increased blood sugar levels, as the intake of calories is relatively higher than the calories invested in work. To ensure that the sugars don’t get accumulated in the bloodstream and hence result in an increased sugar level, ensure to work out regularly.

Regular exercises also help in improving flexibility and, thus, safeguard you against problems such as back aches, body aches and weakness.



Stay Hydrated

One of the most common problems that diabetics face is being dehydrated more quickly than normal people. Drinking adequate water can be helpful in flushing out toxins and excessive sugars in the body.



Keep a Check on Your Weight

Diabetes can also result in sudden loss or gain of your weight. If, in any case, your weight starts to decrease or increase, consult with your doctor and take the necessary measures that the doctor suggests.


Have a highly fibrous diet

A diet that is high in fibre will ensure that your digestive tract remains clear and functions properly. A properly functioning gastrointestinal tract will result in the proper digestion of all nutrients, including sugars. Thus, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor and increase the number of salads and fibrous fruits in your diet to control your blood sugar levels.



Avoid direct intake of carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

Although to keep the effects of diabetes at bay, it is suggested to stay hydrated, beware! Excessive intake of sugary drinks, carbonated beverages or alcohol can actually result in worsened high blood sugars. In the case of,


Highly Sugary & Carbonated beverages

In sugary and carbonated drinks such as packed fruit juices and carbonated drinks, the excessive amount of sugar in the drinks gets directly dissolved in the bloodstream and thus increases the sugar level in the bloodstream.



Excessive intake of alcohol in diabetes can be harmful as alcohol is a known reason for dehydration. In the long run, dehydration can result in excessive sugar accumulation in the bloodstream. Thus, it is advised to avoid excess alcohol intake if you are affected by high blood sugar.


Covering it Up


Diabetes is one of the most commonly occurring diseases today’s date. The problem is so common that people have started to overlook the problem until they do not get worsened. If you are someone who is prone to diabetes, has a family history of diabetes, or is already a diabetic, the above-mentioned tips can prove to be vital. Moreover, in the case of diabetes, having diabetes health insurance from reputed health insurance companies such as Care health insurance can help you get cover unprecedented medical expenses. Hence, to stay one step ahead of the unforeseen financial crisis because of diabetes, get a diabetes health insurance plan now!


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