5 Reasons Why Instagram is Best for New Brands in Market


Instagram is undeniably the heart and soul of this generation. Everyone is constantly surfing through the various social media platforms. And, Instagram is the ultimate one where people engage now and then. Thus, Instagram marketing is fundamental if you are looking to promote and expand your business. Instagram is a household name and it gives you the immense potential to make your brand a household name too.

Instagram works wonders if you are just starting your business. It is the platform that allows you to expand your customer range. Unlike offline businesses that rely mostly on word of mouth, once you take your business online, the growth is exponential. Thus, it is important to gain a presence on Instagram to make your new brand attain success.

Here are the top five reasons why Instagram is good and extremely valuable for your new business- you should read the reviews of Growthsilo when deciding to purchase the IG followers.


Attracts the audience with visual dominance

Instagram is essentially a photo and video sharing application. Thus, it gives you innumerable opportunities to leave a profound impact on your audience while showcasing your products or services. Your business is your passion and expressing it in terms of pictures and videos can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Always try to center your posts around a story because that is what the Instagram user base is fond of. An interesting photo or video will indefinitely attract a person more than the cliched advertisements. Thus, try to be as creative as possible with your posts. Lure your audience by showing them the essence of your business through visual modes of representation.

It is noted that visual posts produce 70% higher engagement than posts that only have texts. Use this statistic in your favour and go on a creative spree while producing your posts on Instagram. Remember, through this method you are building the trust bridge with your audience.


Encourages customer participation

As you build your customer base on Instagram, slowly move towards encouraging your customers to participate. This participation can be in the form of using your business’s hashtags. Your customers can also participate by sharing photos of themselves using your products or services.

Encouraging this type of participation from your audience is going to help you expand faster than you can imagine. Why, most of the young generation on Instagram is just budding influencers who will be more than happy to help you! In exchange, you can put up tempting offers of featuring your customers on your business page.

Another tactful way to help your business grow with the help of your customers is to feature their feedback. In this way, you are establishing a good image for your business. Simultaneously, these feedback posts will work as an assurance key for the new people who come across your business to put their faith in your products or services.


Stay updated on customer trends

When you are running a business, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the trends and popular themes. Instagram is your gateway that helps you use the ongoing trends to make your business reach new heights. It helps you generate the buzz your business needs to reach more people.

Staying updated on the current trends also makes it easier for your business to understand which products/services are no longer profitable. This helps you to easily eliminate dormant products/services. The key to a fledgling business is to always evolve with time. Instagram acts as that time clock when you take it online.

Furthermore, keeping up with the recent trends on Instagram can potentially help you go viral. Virality can be a huge boost to your brand. It can immediately make you the star in the market.


Helps you promote special events

Small businesses can target customers more quickly if they host special events like a behind-the-scenes tour or a webinar that tells the story of your business. In these areas, Instagram becomes the primary tool to spread the word.

If your business is attending an event or hosting one, Instagram works both ways to help you garner support and attendance. With the help of Instagram live, you can host talk sessions with famous personalities or Instagram influencers to endorse your brands.

It lets your audience be a part of the special moments your business experiences. It strengthens the trust and makes up for a profitable business-customer relationship.


Detects competition in the market

Keeping an eye out for your fellow competitors is also a crucial part of running a business. More so, when your business is small and in its early years. Brands use Instagram as a marketing channel.

Thus, it is another way in which you can detect what to do to make your business model look unique and approachable to the audience. Through this, you will be capable of creating your creative Instagram marketing strategy for your new brand.

Look at your competitors’ creatives and try to set yourself apart. New is always exciting for the audience. So, break free from the cage of monotony and set yourself apart in the market. However, if you ever feel like you are prying, remember your competitors are looking at you too to grow!

If you haven’t already taken your business on Instagram it isn’t late. Start with the above reasons to understand how Instagram can make you reach the paramount of success.

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