$5 Million CUB Loan For Housing Repairs For The Needy


The Cabinet agreed to scale-up the HAPI (Housing Assistance Program for the Indigent).

The aim is to increase its workforce so that it can work on repairing and improving several houses of the neediest, many simultaneously, following the disaster.

Even as the Government continues to stimulate economic growth during these Covid-19 times, the Cabinet has authorized the Ministry of Finance to seek a loan of $5 million dollars from the Caribbean Union Bank (CUB).

The loan is to meet the increased expense generated by the natural disaster, especially the repair of the destroyed infrastructure.

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  1. I’m sure CUB depositors are feeling safe with the majority shareholder lending itself their money. What could go wrong.

  2. Don’t do it CUB!! Dem nah pay you back! Government as major shareholder in the bank forcing the bank to lend to it. No arms length loan there. Government could never strong-arm the Canadian banks for loans like this.

  3. More homes to be repaired and be built for the COMRADES.That HAPI Program is a for The Comrades.Damn good thing I do not have one copper in that Bank.CUB in my opinion is an ATM for the Government.You would put your money into it.They would then go with their debit cards and using their Pin withdraw at their pleasure.Remember,that Bank was in some trouble.Then taxpayers monies were used to bail it out.Perhaps that Bank is where. Some of our CIP money is deposited.

  4. Where did CUB get all that money? I thought they were going broke. They even closed their branch at Jolly Harbour???????

  5. Every good financial advisor I know are saying this is not the time to be borrowing money.

    Especially if you plan to not take the vaccine.

  6. Gaston will then get a loan from China that Antigua can’t pay back then allowing the Chinese to dig in over here even deeper.

    One day people might learn to vote out the Gaston cancer. Hopefully before it’s too late which I think it already is.

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