5 Instagram Facts every Marketer Should know


Instagram is a social media giant which is quite popular amongst brands and businesses. A lot of businesses have successfully used Instagram to improve their sales and grow their audience. If you are a marketer looking to better use Instagram or start using it for brand promotion and improve presence on Instagram then you need to know these facts. These can help you work smartly and gain popularity on Instagram.


  1. Instagram’s User Base


Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. It has more than 1 billion users. That is a huge achievement for the platform and you can also buy real Instagram followers . In just 10 years of its existence, it has become one of the most frequently used image sharing platforms. Since the number of users is so large marketers cannot ignore Instagram anymore if they are looking to use digital marketing to promote businesses or brands. If you improve your presence on Instagram then there’s quite a good chance that you will generate more leads and make more sales. A significant percentage of this huge user base joined Instagram in 2020. This can be because of the pandemic. Due to this Instagram achieved the 1 billion milestone something that the experts had previously predicted would happen in 2024. This means that currently, you will find all types of people using Instagram on a daily basis. This is too big an opportunity to ignore. There’s quite a good chance that if you create a good strategy you can attract a huge number of people to your brand or business by optimally targeting them. So, if you were in doubt about whether to set up shop on Instagram or not these statistics should clear it.


  1. Hashtag Usage


Today, hashtags seem commonplace in any social media platform comprar seguidores no instagram .Studies indicate that on average an Instagram post has around 10 hashtags. This should give you an idea about the importance of hashtags on Instagram. If you don’t use hashtags or only use a couple of them we suggest you start using more hashtags. Now, there needs to be a sweet balance as well. You can’t put a plethora of hashtags on your post. It will turn people off. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with another stat about hashtags. Studies have shown that using 5 to 6 hashtags generally seems to be the sweet spot. Using more than 8-10 hashtags decreases the engagement on your posts. Nobody likes ‘spammy’ behaviour on the internet whether it be in the comments, direct messages or hashtags. So, if you are used to bombarding your posts with hashtags and aren’t getting a lot of engagement then the reason may be that you are using too many hashtags. Try to limit your hashtag usage to 6 and 7. #love, #art, #fashion, #photooftheday etc. are the top hashtags on Instagram. Do not try to use only top hashtags as your posts will get buried beneath other posts. Try using more niche ones.


  1. Content Engagement


Let’s look at the stats first before discussing it. According to studies done by Bannershack, the engagement gotten by video posts is around 1.45%, the engagement on image posts is 1.74% and the highest engagement happens on carousel posts. It gets around 1.94% engagement. Those are the percentage of engagement on these types of posts for organic engagement. Organic engagement means the engagement that you get without purchasing stats or paying for gaining engagement. Earlier, Instagram used to get a much better organic engagement but over a couple of years, it has gone down. These stats show that carousel ads are quite popular among Instagram users. People like this type of post. So, if you haven’t been using a lot of carousel posts then why not incorporate some into your schedule and see how it works out for you. Another popular post type is Instagram Story. Instagram says that over 500 million Instagram users view stories regularly and about a third of the story views are that of the brands. So, you have to use Instagram story posts. It is very much important if you want to gain popularity on Instagram.


  1. Who Uses Instagram?


Instagram was mainly used by teenagers. Today, Instagram is used mostly by young adults under the age of 35. This age group makes up around 70% of the user base of Instagram. So, whenever you are deciding to start a marketing campaign on Instagram or you want to start using Instagram for the promotion of products and services or creating brand awareness we suggest you remember that most of the users are young and will be the ones that are willing to engage or buy stuff on the platform. A significant percentage of the daily active users fall under the age group 25 to 34 and 18 to 24. It is very important to sort out your target audience if you want to effectively use social media for your brand or business. This can help you generate content that is more tailored to the liking of your audience.


  1. Brands are Followed


Instagram is one of the platforms in which many users follow at least one brand. In 2018, statistics came out that mentioned that 50% of Instagrammers tend to follow at least one brand. That number should have grown by now since the boost in the number of Instagram users in a couple of years. This can give you an idea that if you can post engaging content then people will follow your brand’s profile on Instagram. People come to Instagram so that they can relax and see some pics and videos. They don’t mind ads but if you constantly keep promoting stuff they will get turned off. So, if you can create engaging and organic content which is either funny, educational or informative then you will get a lot of engagement on Instagram and people will be more willing to follow you.


So, these were some of the stats and facts that can be important for marketers looking to decide on whether to use Instagram for social media marketing or not. We hope you gained some insights that can help you with marketing and promotion and help gain popularity on Instagram. We wish you all the best.

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