73 New cases of COVID-19


(Dashboard Update for June 9, 2022)

The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment revealed seventy-three (73) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Thursday 8th June, 2022 at 6pm.

One hundred and twenty-nine (129) samples were processed.

Thirty-seven (37) recovered cases were recorded.

One (1) COVID-19 related death was recorded.

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is eight thousand four hundred and seventy-nine (8,479); which is inclusive of one hundred and fifty (150) active cases. There are five (5) hospitalized cases; two (2) moderate and three (3) mild.

The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.


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  1. Two new death and it’s like nothing to the leadership. The families that lost lovers one do not let anyone tell you nothing about underlying conditions. The government is now down playing your lost – our lost. You the chief medical officer and the staff and management of Sir Lester Bird MSJH should not be going alone with this wickedness. You should not be allowing our people to die and Just take it do simple- call out the government. You lack supplies call out the government. Don’t go along with this nonsense with them having fetes after fetes – superspreaders and then over burden our health system and then say it’s okay for our adults with underlying condition to die.
    Dr.Simon you said you love music and carnival but you love your people more. Have you changed that and prefer to see our people dying one by one and blame it on underlying conditions- so sad. Don’t we all or some close family and friends have underlying condition.
    The government shifting the responsibility- yes we have people that born with underlying conditions – heart conditions , the poor environmental conditions and dust in the atmosphere leads to respiratory underlying conditions. You allow the Chinese to and Serían to open fast food restaurant at every corner in town and village- loaded with MSG , fats, starch and oils – underlying condition as a result. Then the Honorable minister of health come and shift the burden on the people. Hey poor people eat poor food.,So when people not getting their social security checks and the salaries of the Directors can pay all the people- something is wrong. When the poor contractors go to the treasury every week and come out empty handed something is wrong. This leads to poverty and poor eating habits Maulwin- underlying conditions brought on by government policies.
    Too much fete never kill a man yet – so 80 + super spreader no kill . Give me an aspirin.

    • Um sir covid isn’t going anywhere. You stop fete in 2022 covid will still be here in 2023 you stop fete in 2023 covid will still be here in 2024. And on and on. Lockdown was because we didn’t have vaccines. You wan protection from covid it’s not masks or lockdowns it’s vaccination. Which is free. Stop crying and trying to rewind time back to 2020

      • @ Tyad, if vaccines were the answer to stopping covid, why are the vaccinated getting infected with covid? Face it, none of the bullshit solutions worked. You can’t vaccinate your way out of a pandemic with crappy vaccines that doesn’t block infection and transmission. Covid is going nowhere because they keep doing the same bullshit. Time to do something different.

  2. Tyad in a city of millions in China the had 4 positive test and they are in lockdown. All I am saying to prevent a lockdown again we need be more careful now . Don’t you think 80 Plus fetes are way over board?

  3. To be honest they were waiting for the right moment again for this to spark back up so they can force the rest of their vitamin c in people’s body, then having them to drop one by two’s. People wake up and stop being in denial do your research ask the Most High to give you Wisdom and to give you dreams of what this is about. Constantly be in prayer for these leaders, governments and pastors to come to speak truth mostly keep praying for your loved ones. We have to fight on our knees

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