457 People In Self-Quarantine


The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Mount St. John’s Medical Center and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has revealed no new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Thursday 6th August, 2020 at 6pm.

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 in Antigua and Barbuda remains ninety-two.

Meanwhile, forty-three samples were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) earlier today.

The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.



  1. Those 457 persons in self quarantine.I hope they are abiding by the rules.Stay at your home for 14 days.Take your temperatures daily and called it into the proper authorities.Don’t be like some of those selfish ones in self quarantine.Who went to tattoo shop and others were seen walking around.

    • Bro but it doesnt matter. This whole system is a joke, when i came down they told me to self quarantine at home and assigned me a nurse to message or call everyday to tell her my temperature. Can you believe that when i called this lady the first day she didnt know who i was or on what flight i came on, she had no info about me. From the 3rd day on she stopped replying to my messages.

      Secondly i have a friend who tested positive in the police force and his sister nor cousin who he indicated to the ministry that they spend alot of time together have been contact to be tested by authorities or even just to carry out contact tracing.

      Antigua has just made a mockery of this Corona situation because they wanted tourist to come in. Had no proper system in place. I would not be surprised if cases are actually closer to 500-1000

      • I think you are correct in your estimates.

        The scary part is if there are 500 positive cases today there could be 5000 positive cases in a couple of weeks.

        This disease spreads exponentially.

        • It must bun aru bad that the borders have been open for 2 months now and aru nah get da outbreak aru min dey a look fu😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

    • Except when You call the number nobody answers people aren’t going to keep wasting their time. Antigua need to get their stuff together. That’s system DOES NOT WORK. People are all over posting themselves driving and saying they are in Antigua.

  2. There is something in this covid…..something that make people want to spread it to other people. No lie. You see how many people dey ah foreign getting lock up for spitting on produce in supermarkets and at authorities? Everything yall buy from shop pls make sure you wipe it down with bleach water see. Nah trust nobody right now.

  3. So far the authorities are doing a great job, in containing the Corona virus….. However, The authorities need to look at the home quarentine system with a keen eye and have these folks properly monitored… There is no do doubt some of these persons are not abiding by the rules…..

    Their accomplices i.e, their family members are also encouraging the ignorance that they are doing, putting the rest of the population at risk…..

    • Bluddy Bloke:The Prime Minister’s father was one of those who broke self quarantine.The Prime Minister did say so on his radio station.So me nar tell no lie,pan he.His father should have been charged and be arrested for doing such a selfish,stupid thing.

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