43 new cases of COVID-19


Dashboard Update for February 16, 2021)

The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) has revealed forty-three (43) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Monday 15th February 2021.

Subsequent to the publication of the dashboard for Monday 15th February 2021 with the cut off time of 6pm, one hundred and twenty-two (122) additional samples were processed by MSJMC increasing the pending results from zero (0) to one hundred and twenty-two (122).

Of the one hundred and twenty-two (122) samples processed by MSJMC, seventy-four (74) were negative and forty-eight (48) positive; Five (5) of the positive cases were repeat tests. The forty-three (43) cases are non-imported.  Investigations have begun and contact tracing and testing are ongoing.  

The one hundred and twenty-two (122) additional samples are reflected in the ‘total samples taken’ and ‘total persons tested’ columns of the dashboard.  
One (1) recovery has been recorded bringing the total to two hundred and seventy (270).

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is four hundred and eighty-six (486); which is inclusive of two hundred and twenty-nine (229) active cases. 

Meanwhile, one hundred and thirty-nine samples are pending.
The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.  

*Please note this dashboard includes data for the 14th and 15th February 2021.

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  1. FROM THE SIDELINE, TENMAN, CARSON, ANON THE 1ST what the hell is going on here. I said last week that we are moving fast to surpass St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Lord help us. Things are spiralling out of control.

    • You do realize that SNV and SLu have been registering like 100 + a day? SLU had 278 on the 11th: BDS 207 on the 15th; SVN’s after 67 on the 7th numbers have started to fall. Anyway brethren the vaccines are here. Encourage your family and friends to get vaccinated so we can quickly put this all behind us

  2. To recap how we got here: govt, pushed by business, let’s tourists in and lets them roam around the island. Covid enters the island, local transmission starts

    Government won’t lock down because business says no, and why do they care anyway because they are safe because they have been vaccinated

    Antiguans begin to get sick and die in large numbers while the govt blames the victims

    Now: the govt is prepared to let more Antiguans get ill and die and have pinned all hope on the vaccine. In the weeks before any vaccine can take effect, many of us will suffer. This is definitely NOT a disease you want to be severely ill from, and it’s a horrible death.

    We know what needs to be done.

  3. The small amount of testing is just showing the tip of a massive iceberg

    In case anyone wanted to know what happens when you invite in thousands of people from high disease areas for 13 months, here’s the answer.

  4. There was a forewarning a few months back when the CDC ranked Antigua as very high risk

    the Antiguan government could have responded by implementing serious protocols at the border and the current crisis would have been averted

    Instead they decided to pretend there wasn’t a problem and here we are today

    • FACTS! Greed caused this and now they blaming us the locals who were subjected to their decision….It’s like a doctor injected a patient with poison then gets mad because the patient is dying…It’s his body’s fault for not fighting the poison…

    • Antiguans have not taken it seriously because their government never took it seriously

      If the government had been honest about the original cluster of cases that resulted in several sudden deaths, local people would have taken note and taken this pandemic seriously

      Instead for months and months, the MOH repeatedly got in front of a camera and lied and said the island was COVID-19 free with no community spread

      And the borders have been wide open to diseased tourists since June

  5. It is quite obvious that if considerable testing is undertaken across the nation that many more positive cases would be discovered. The former USA president, Donald Trump said that testing created positive cases. Not factual. Testing discovers the positive cases, not create them. The numbers here are increasing, but if the medical authorities do the work of increased testing, it would really expose just how widespread the infection is in our communities.

    Barbados, St. Lucia and St Vincent are now doing greater testing throughout their islands and hence the realization of high daily cases. The same strategy needs to be implemented here in Antigua & Barbuda. This is just a first step in gaining control of the crisis.

    We have not progressed in any way against this crisis because we are still doing the same thing that we did back in March/April 2020….REFUSING TO DO SERIOUS TESTING.

    What will it take for the government to send “swabbers” into the communities to do widespread testing. Follow the example as being conducted in Barbados.
    We cannot depend on vaccines. Inoculation will not be a quick fix. Covid-19 may be with us all the way into 2020 and beyond. Let us do something correctly for once.



  6. Should never have let anyone from lockdown country come over yah. Wtf you expect. Chups. Covid not going to be off the rock annnny time soon.

  7. The country need to close down coronavirus do not spread only in the night close down the country and let the business people open on weekend.

  8. We need information on vaccine roll out after front line workers now!!
    Website sign up? Passport office registration? Voter registration?
    Give us your plan how individuals can get their names on list for vaccination

  9. COVID-19 just like all wars involving HUEmans is a business now, and has always being a business, since, it was released 2019.
    And, as is the case with any #Wars some will die, some will become richer, some will become poorer.

    This #aerosolized version of the Coronavirus family will become just like another family member, #TheHerpes, and is here to stay along with its morphing variants.

    The fear of this virus will subside, once the Media changes the narrative($) and remove the COVID-19 reports and advertisements/commercials from the Twenty four(24) hour news cycle being put out by their bosses politicians/politricktans, the Oligarchs/medium’s.

    A…COV – Coefficient of Variance is a mathematical equation driven by the numbers, hence, the reason($) for the #NumbersGame in this PLANDEMIC.

    B…ID – Identification
    ID – the ego of psychology
    which has reared its ugly
    head, as is evident from
    the decision makings of
    governments from the
    beginning of this .
    PLANDEMIC in 2019.

    COVID-19 just like any #Wars is a business.

  10. Hopefully the measures put in place and the inoculation of some in the population will bring some relief. When the storm has passed. Don’t have short memories of the mismanagement of Covid-19 by the ABLP. When they call the election. Let that be a trigger to the call:EARLY OUT. VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

  11. The cases are low government is doing a good job cases increases. It is the people not listening all of a sudden. It is a possibility the U.k strain entered the country because the government did not address the problem at the root. They like to make special dispensation decisions putting people lives at risk and blame the same people. The government is to blame how ever you put it

  12. You cannot close your windows and leave your door open and expect no mosquito to enter in your house at night ,there is an opening.

    We have a curfew local stores has to be closed tourist are coming with virus, i never hear them say close the Airport persons have come in contact with a covid person, but the moment a local store have a person with covid the entire organizations is closed

  13. All this thanks to dictator and traitor Gaston and his cronies for not closing our borders.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?

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