40,000 Vitamin C Tablets To Be Distributed; MBS Remains Open During Curfew

(Cabinet Notes)
The Cabinet was informed that 40,000 Vitamin C tablets have been readied for delivery to the Government.
Their distribution will begin almost immediately. Government adult institutions are to be among the first beneficiaries.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

Meanwhile, the dispensary of the Medical Benefits Scheme ought to remain open during this curfew period in order to ensure that those who are dependent upon medicines from this source can access the same.
A system for protecting workers and pharmacists, from becoming infected by the MBS customers, is to be put in place. Delivery services ought to be considered.
The MBS had already put in place a number of measures to lessen the likelihood of spread.

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  1. Good move. But are we talking 40,000 pills or 40,000 bottles with 60 pills? If you put out a press release this is the type of info we need. If not it’s just useless PR which we really don’t need right now. We need to know that REAL things are happening. There will be enough time for politics after we get through this.

    • Complian complian complain that all you people do jah man just be apply you getting some assistance and stop complaning.

  2. Vitamin C yes does strengthen the immune system but make sure you are not giving false hope that it will prevent Covid-19.

    • This is hilarious, although the actual figure is less that 1 tablet per person. Great sense of humor!

  3. Go and figure this out Agriculture strengthens the immune system, as a matter of fact it is the number one immune booster. The immune system takes years or months to build. No one off vitamin C intake will work.

    This was not a sensible move.

  4. Again a great move by PM Browne and his administration along with the Covid 19 Health task committee….. Let’s not forget
    That all this an expense on the Gov’t treasury….. It’s full time that we become more responsible & civic minded and stop depend on the Gov’t for everything….. If we meet them half way the country will make more progress and will all benefit

  5. Eating the following fruits daily would help with your Vitamin C intake.Watermelon,Cantaloupe,Orange,Kiwi,Mango,Papaya,Pineapple,Strawberries,Blueberries and Cranberries.Most of those fruits are grown in Antigua and Barbuda.So eat them,better than taking tablets,in my opinion.

  6. @bluddy bloke that’s the reason we pay education levy medical benefit social security and taxes that’s alot than half way. @black man since they grow in your yard visit mines with some please and tonks

  7. @CHUPS: Pineapples are grown at Cades Bay.Farmers in Antigua are harvesting Cantaloupes,Mangoes,Papayas,Watermelons.So eat what you grow.Do not depend on Government for handouts.Vitamin C,what a darn joke.

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