4 Tips For Moving Safely During The Pandemic


There can be many reasons why you might have to move to a new home or apartment even during the COVID-19 pandemic also, make sure the company you’ll hire offers all the services you need during these times, from packing and unpacking to contactless moving. Here you can find valuable services if you are planning a big move. And while the regular moving day can be challenging and daunting enough, executing a relocation amidst the pandemic can be more stressful and riskier due to the possibility of getting infected with the virus. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that can assist you move safely during these unfortunate times. 


Below are the four tips designed to help you with the process during the pandemic:


  1. Hire A Moving Company Carefully 


With the coronavirus affecting many people around the world, it’s best if you get the services of professionals to help you with the entire relocation process. Most moving companies NYC or wherever you may be located, have the necessary skills and expertise that can make the relocation safer and more seamless for you and everyone involved. 


Generally, when hiring reliable professionals, you need to do it carefully by asking important questions. This means you should ask them what measures they’re currently taking to guarantee a safe relocation experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since most of them understand how critical the situation is, you should start asking the following questions to help you choose the right one:


  • What safety measures are they following to help prevent the transmission of the virus?
  • Do they implement proper safety precautions to protect the safety of your drivers and moving crew?
  • What safety protocols do they put in place to ensure the safety of everyone during the  moving day?
  • Do they have a detailed COVID-19 policy that you can review before the scheduled relocation?
  • What safety measures do they take when a crew or client has symptoms or been diagnosed with the infectious disease?


As you can see, there are many questions to ask when looking for the appropriate movers for your move in the middle of the pandemic. But, by asking these questions, you can rest knowing that the company you’re going to hire is very much prepared to help you with the process. 


2. Request For A Virtual Moving Quote


Once you’ve found the perfect moving company, the next thing you should do is to get a virtual quote. This quote can also help you determine whether you can afford a relocation process during the pandemic without performing an in-person home survey. Hence, in order to do this, you should talk with your movers as to how you’re going to do the virtual survey of your current house. 


In most cases, the moving professionals will advise you to fully charge your gadgets, ensure a strong Internet connection, turn on the lights in all rooms and open all the cabinets and drawers so the estimator can accurately provide an estimate for your move. Lastly, be ready with a tape measure in case the estimator requires you for measurement purposes. 


3. Do And Finish Packing At Least 24 Hours Before The Moving Day


Aside from the transmission using physical contact, anyone can also get infected with the virus by touching contaminated surfaces. Typically, COVID-19 can stay long or at least 24 hours on surfaces, including the cardboard boxes. So, to ensure the safety of everyone involved during the big day, it’s best to finish packing before the day of your relocation. 


Moreover, in doing so, you should observe minimum safety protocols which include the sanitization of your belongings before they’re placed into the boxes. Once you’re done, make sure to seal the boxes safely. Don’t forget to label them accordingly before you ensure they remain untouched at least a day before the moving company arrives at your home. 


4. Observe Minimum Safety Precautions During The Big Day 


In most cases, the big day has been the most tiring part of the entire relocation. Thus, to make sure you and the moving crew will remain when moving to Manhattan or other cities nearby, the following minimum safety standards should be observed during the big day:


  • Use non-contact methods to greet your movers. Instead of a handshake, you can greet them with a smile to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 
  • Keep a safe distance as your movers load and unload your boxes into the moving truck. 
  • Ask the moving crew to wash or sanitize their hands before coming in at regular intervals. Be sure to provide disinfectants or sanitizers near entryways for an easy sanitization process. 
  • If you’re moving with children or pets, make sure to keep them in a separate area to avoid infection or transmission. 


The Bottom Line


Despite the safety threat of COVID-19 to the lives of the people, it’s somehow impossible to put life on pause because of it. And while you believe in that, you should make an effort to protect yourself and the people around you at all times. These circumstances include a house relocation. 


Therefore, if you want to keep everyone safe when moving during the pandemic, follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll be on the right direction. 



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