4 Most Common Causes of Back Pain and How to Cure Them


All people will experience back pain at least once in their life. The back is a complex combination of ligaments, tendons, discs, and bones that support the body and enable movement. Therefore, everything you do affects your back. Poor posture while staring at your phone all day or how you sit to work on your laptop, how you walk, how you move, as well as how often you exercise will all affect it. The good news is there are many things you can do to prevent and relieve back pain. If you go to the doctor right away they might suggest a few home remedies and proper body mechanics that will usually help the back and keep it functional. However, one needs to understand what is the main cause behind the pain felt in the back. 

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Where exactly does it hurt and how severe is the pain? Let’s take a look at the 4 most common causes of back pain. 

Muscles Strains 

If you haven’t had back problems before, it would be very easy to take it and its muscles for granted. You can hurt your back by neglecting your posture when lifting things, lifting objects that are too heavy for you, or making sudden and difficult movements. You may start feeling pain and stiffness in your upper back, lower back neck muscles, your shoulders, and arms. The pain is sometimes accompanied by headaches or migraines that run through your neck and upper back. These are all symptoms of the most common back problems like muscle strains, ligament damage, spasms, tension, or injuries. Fortunately, most of the time these issues can be easily treated and prevented with anti-inflammatory medications and over the counter painkillers as well as applying cold and heat on your back to reduce pain, resting, stretching, fixing your posture, exercising, and applying compression bandages.


This is most common with pregnant women because of the pressure on the nerves of their back caused by the growth and development of the uterus. Sciatica is a very large nerve that runs to our legs. When the nerve is pressured it can cause lower back pain, tingling, and numbness that extends to the hip, buttocks, legs, and feet. Most sciatic nerve issues are treated with home remedies and over the counter medication as well as physical therapy

Damaged Discs  

There are plenty of options to treat damaged discs, you just have to consult your doctor on which is the most beneficial for you. If your movement and posture are affected by the damage and your nerves are compressed, physical therapist Jessica Dietz, DPT, NCS suggests Neurological rehabilitation and physical therapy to make sure you can function properly. Physical therapy can help you improve your movement, posture, flexibility, and strength. Neurological rehabilitation will work on the brain’s ability to recognize itself, improve balance, and heal from injury. Disc injuries are the second most common cause of back pain. Our Discs herniate, bulge, or rupture, compressing our nerves. Disc injuries are painful and it’ll affect your posture and overall movement. Discs become weaker as we get older and damaged discs can lead to symptoms like tingling, numbness, and burning sensations in the leg, back, and could also extend to the arms. You may also experience extreme pain in one side of the body and the inability to walk, sit, or move because of the pain. 


Osteoarthritis or spinal arthritis can cause joint issues that can affect our back, hips, legs, and knees. Having a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, and exercising can help ease the pain and improve the functions of the areas in which joints are damaged. There are plenty of medications that can help you manage osteoarthritis; however, you need a doctor’s visit to get a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

Taking care of your back and ensuring that it’s functioning properly all the time to prevent back problems is easy. You need to make sure you’re not overweight so there isn’t much pressure on your back; plenty of exercises will help with the weight loss as well as strengthen the muscles of the back. Stretching allows your spinal cord and vertebrae to relax and stay healthy. You also need to make sure to reduce stress because, believe it or not, it affects the overall wellbeing of your back. It’s important to understand that back problems can worsen and cause more complicated issues to your body. Visiting the doctor and having regular checkups is extremely important. The older you grow, the more careful you want to be while moving, exercising, and carrying heavy weighted objects.  


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