4 Getaway Ideas That Everyone Should Embark Upon In Their Lifetime


The crunch and monotony of everyday life can fall heavily on anyone’s shoulders and we should all have the right to have a break from it once in a while. But while our weekend can be used for relaxing and hanging out with friends, it lasts too short for any meaningful recovery of mind and soul. What we really need from time to time – is a getaway. 


The idea of going far away to be separated from your everyday life, and the world even, isn’t a new one and people have been doing it for ages. That is why today we have culminated experience telling us what places should be visited at least once in your lifetime.


The tropical land of Costa Rica

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches and exciting wildlife in the Americas, this central American country is known for its great hospitality and very friendly environment.


Many people choose to visit here as the country is very safe for tourists and hasn’t seen any major crisis, not even ecological ones, in a very long time. That is why you get to choose a variety of luxurious resorts for the vacations, such as the Pura Vida House and others on the Pacific coast. Because of their climate, it is much better to come during their “summer”, which is the dry period between December and April when the weather is just perfect to feel as if in paradise. 

See the Aurora Borealis

The northern lights are a phenomenon of green and azure lights flaring through the atmosphere on the very north of our planet, which can usually be seen in a clear sky during the night. The local people in Finland call this “foxes fire”, while others believe it has to do with the armor and shields worn by the mythic Valkyries.


Either way, going on night hikes in the wintery landscape to see this by yourself can be a life-changing experience, as there isn’t a greater show of lights anywhere else on Earth. 

Clash of Cultures on the Balkans

Known in recent times as the European trouble-maker, the Balkan peninsula has had a long history of being conquered by different empires and has a very diverse mix of cultures, geography, and cuisine, all packed in a little space.


As the countries are rather cheap to visit it is a good destination for younger travelers seeking adventure and wanting to see how so many ethnicities can live and build side by side for centuries.

Smooth Sails

A more luxurious getaway, but a very elegant one, is going on a cruise. The vast ships are built to have an all-inclusive package for all visitors and are meant to take you to fantastic places that are never easily routed by land. 


As the ships flow in international waters, having a signal to call or be called from land is almost impossible, so you can truly be free from work or annoying people for at least a week of your life. 

As taking regular coffee or smoke breaks from work is needed for you to chill out for a minute, so does embarking on gateway vacations help us take a step back and enjoy what life is without the constraints of the mundane.


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