4 COVID-19 deaths announced today


Statement on behalf of Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC):

Dr. Albert Duncan, SLBMC Medical Director said: “We can confirm that sadly, two patients, who tested positive for COVID-19, have died at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre. Here are the details:

Sex: Female
Age: 85 (comorbidities)
Admitted: September 27 (respiratory distress and hypoxic)
Date/Time of Death: October 4 at 11:05pm
Vaccination Status: Unvaccinated

Sex: Male
Age: 73 (with comorbidities)
Admitted: September 20 (respiratory distress and hypoxic, requiring intubation and ICU admission)
Date/Time of Death: October 5 at 3:23pm
Vaccination Status: Unvaccinated

Two unvaccinated men die after COVID infection

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  1. I did not realize that everyone entering the Hospital with respiratory distress has Covid-19.What happened when patients entered the Hospital with respiratory distress before the days of Covid-19? What did they died from?

    • Probably pneumonia. But they came in every few months not multiples day like now.
      What’s so hard to understand? People dropping like flies around the world, including our closest neighbours. Same climate, same genes, same sceptical outlook about vaccine, Covid in general, so now we see same sor of death rate.

      I think August brought 10 dead a day to Guadeloupe and similar in Martinique. The population is bigger, but I guess that mean 2-4 a day for us.
      It’s reality, get used to it and do what you can to protect yourself and the people that matter to you.
      If everyone does that, then the problem goes away.

      Unfortunately people are too “smart” and selfish for that to happen

      • The vaccines injure and kill. Not worth the risk when there are cheap, proven and more effective alternatives out there using repurposed drugs protocols, with zinc and vitamins. Covid has a 99.8 survival rate without treatment anyway. I worry about the vaxes as I don’t want my jabbed friends and family to be injured or die for taking big pharma, politicised BS drugs that don’t work.

  2. @ Tragic
    Before it was covid they died from precovid , gone are the days when people die from other sickness, it seems like covid is the only way one can die from, we have reach death immunity to other sickness

    • Lol…gone are the days? Back in the days before Covid, a person died in hospital and that was it… they weren’t broadcasting everyone’s death, much less their cause of death in the news. Today, they STILL don’t broadcast non Covid deaths. So nothing has changed….so the real question is… what the hell are you complaining about… because you can’t possibly be complaining about the lack of information on noncovid deaths that you never had.

  3. even those who took the first shot but not the second and now those who had 2 shots but not the third and they die they are considered as unvaccinated. so yall better state which part of unvaccinated they fall under because i know for sure its not anyone who had no shots. myself along with many other persons including the protesters are more than ok and i dont wear mask nor follow protocol unless i am at work

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