3rd Customs Officer – and 2nd female – found dead by colleagues in her Golden Grove home


Another female Customs officer has been found dead and a reliable source alleges that she was shot.

The body of the Golden Grove woman, believed to be in her early 40s, was discovered in her home on Monday, after midday. She was officially pronounced dead by a medical doctor at about 3:22 p.m.

Police reports say she did not report for work and could not be reached by telephone.

Accordingly, colleagues went to her home, where they found her deceased.

She is the third Customs officer to have died under suspicious circumstances since July last year, following an attack on their colleague, Cornell Benjamin, in late 2019.

Meanwhile, another source says that all these deaths involving officers attached to the Customs Division are not mere coincidence.  She says something odd is happening and it appears that a cover-up is taking place.

A third Customs employee concurs that something dangerous is happening at his workplace, but was too scared to elaborate.

On Friday, July 10, 2020, less than a year after the attack on Benjamin, Nigel Christian was kidnapped from his McKinnons home by four men, in front of his terrorized mother.  His bullet-riddled body was discovered, hours after, on a dirt road near New Winthorpes.

Three men have been arrested and charged for Christian’s killing, amid allegations that the Police were ordered to release a fourth man.

A source alleges that this latest victim actually worked with Christian, but our Newsroom has not had this confirmed

Then there was the recent discovery of the body of 52-year-old Margaret Harris of Clare Hall in what has been deemed a homicide.

Harris’ body was found in the morning hours of Friday, October 15, in an area off Wireless Road.  It was later revealed that she had sustained multiple injuries about her body, the extent of which have not been revealed, to date.

Although there were reports of a man being held for questioning by the Police, no charges or arrests were made, and Harris’ murder has not been solved.

The lone survivor of what appears to be the targeting of Customs employees began when Benjamin, a senior officer, was ambushed and shot multiple times at his Cassada Gardens residence in October 2019.

Injuries to his legs and lower body caused severe health issues, which caused him to seek medical care in Jamaica last year.  However, Benjamin reportedly has never returned to Antigua.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, under whose portfolio the Customs Division falls, complained of massive fraud taking place at the Customs and the Port and even alleged that his signature had been forged on related documents.

This was prior to Christian’s murder.  However, despite claims that an internal probe was completed after his death, no Police investigation is known to have followed, and no one has been charged or arrested. — REAL NEWS

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  1. Come on police force. Do you job!!! How many more lives have to be snuffed out before justice is served.

    Condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of this young lady.

      • That is so true! Think of it this way, crime is a business. Crime is healthy. Just as the writer commented on Prostitution that too will never go away, it has been going on for centuries and more. You have to live with that and the people that are tasked to maintain these things do their job in a firm manner to keep them under control. A quick look at the USA and Singapore especially that damn Singapore they Cain you and they have more CCTV cameras and restorative punishment, but yet still crimes goes on unabated. No matter what they try you can’t stop crime period. Feel very bad for these Custom Officers who have lost their life so tragically and in such short in between. One may even want to suggest these are copycat murders. High quality crime scene investigators, Forensic Science, Polygraph Testing, DNA Bank and last but not least Genetic genealogy is going to save the day for those grieving families no matter how long it takes. Too many unsolved crimes has gone cold in Antigua. I hope the police has been preserving the evidence from those crime scenes. One of these days a Rapist or a Murderer will be arrested and the information go live on TV for a crime they committed years ago. To those offenders who believes that they are getting away with crime think again, your day of reckoning will come. To those folks who knows something and will not say something for fear of retribution will one day have the courage to speak, though they have been told numerous times that they can remain anonymous they still refuse to and I can understand that I have been there myself. That is the reason for a witness protection program so important, in some cases change of name, appearance, job and the like but you have to give these people some form of comfort. No one wants to know that individual gets off on a technicality and have to see them in the community again. You are marked for life plain and simple by the perpetrators. If you speak to the Politicians they will tell you we do not have the money. Well guess what? It have to start some way or the other you can’t continue to have innocent people lose their life like this. Come on it’s time. Thank you

  2. I hope the labour government will use the resources of the country to find out what is really going on in customs instead of spending the people’s money appealing the dismissal of the bus case. That is if they don’t already know what is happening in customs. There are criminal activities going on in customs and it appears that people in the know or investigating are being murdered one by one to cover up the crimes.
    Customs Division falls under the portfolio of the PM. He says his signature was forged but so far no one has been named or charged. Why? Doesn’t he find it concerning that people who work for him are being murdered? He has remained silent. Did he send condolences to the families?
    Why does Gaston control all the resources of Antigua? All the places that generate revenue he controls.
    It appears that Gaston presides over a criminal enterprise that is called a government and the people who join them know that criminals won’t charge criminals and risk exposing themselves.
    Antiguans have to take back our country from these criminals.

  3. Enough is enough!!! How many customer officers have to be killed before they can sort out the mess in the Custom Department…How many more? All Custom Officers need to strike, everyone of them. Weren’t Scotland Yard and FBI here assisting with Nigel Christian murdered? What has become of the 4th suspect in Nigel Christian murdered case? Something is just not adding up. Somebody who knows something need to say something. If they can’t talk in person just write a letter stating what is going and mentioned all the party involved. Then mail it around to different people including the news media houses!!

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