39 new imported cases of COVID-19 in Antigua

Positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China

Two days after Health Minister Molwyn Joseph declared the country “COVID-free”, there are reports that there are now 39 new confirmed cases of the new coronavirus.

According to state media, among the new imported cases are returning nationals who were recently repatriated from the Dominican Republic.
The 39 individuals were reportedly placed in quarantine since their arrival in Antigua.
Details are expected to be revealed in a press conference later today.

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    • I think the question is how we’re these people allowed to leave wherever they came from without being tested…further, isn’t it a good thing that we picked up on it before they were allowed to venture into the communities…isnt that what the safety and prevention protocols are supposed to do. Or are we suggesting that we stay closed until some cure emerges, which could be many months from now? Just curious…

      • @Michel best you not argue here see. One thing I learn from this blog is that people love negativity. They must have jump for joy upon the news of 39 imported cases. Maybe now they they will get the doom and gloom news they have been looking for.

      • @Michel T. A. Richards
        “…how we’re these people allowed to leave wherever they came from…”
        Are you crazy or something??!!??!
        They are persons returning home. They are not tourist.
        Also, regarding tour term, “…these people…”.
        Are you for real when it come to referring to your own citizen.
        Just look at the positive that Antigua is doing to make sure they are tested on arrival.

      • @CON DADLY:
        The policy is working.What policy are you referencing.Antigua was Covid free according to the Health Minister,2 days ago.Now today,39 cases fell out of the clouds.How many more cases are in Antigua.That we the people do not know about.In many instances the cover up of the crime is worse than the actual crime.

  1. Them man can’t be serious, not after they declare the country covid 19 free. This is just pure chupidness.

    • @No Sir
      Once airplanes keep bringing passengers this is highly like to happen. If you really understand what is going on!! This is how the Covid reached pandemic in the first place; through air travel. Antiguans “your own citizens” coming home will also bring it, in addition to the tourist. Mr. Covid will be around. The country has a system in place. Just that it may not be enough once that full air travel kicked into gear. Again, Covid has not gone any place. Hope your are wearing your mask!

  2. Who has already downloaded that video from ABS TV for their records as ongoing proof how dem people dey lie?

  3. My friend who works at the hospital told me that the surge in COVID-19 cases is coming from immigrants from Jamaica and D.R.

    How much longer is this government going to jeopardize the health and safety of Antigua CITIZENS just to accommodate lawless illegal immigrants from Jamaica and D.R.?

    I’m ready to vote for a new Antigua party that places Antigua Citizens FIRST!

  4. Yesterday I did say to Molwyn Joseph.To let his words be soft and sweet.Just in case he has to eat them. Noe he must be choking and puking from over eating on his words.Speaking of being Covid free.Give me a damn break.

  5. The story about imported Covid-19 cases is that you “CANNOT SEND THEM BACK”.
    No, Mr. minister of health, they are not rejected goods so you can return to the sender or neither will the sender do a recall. DO EVER EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT ?
    It is simple common sense that border closure should be a major first strategy to prevent the great negative burden on the nation’s health system.
    The government has already complained that the country is low on cash. Why in the world would you want to import covid-19 cases to put further strain on an already impecuniousness system.
    The MISLEADERS continue to take the country down the dangerous path.
    Antiguans …. when will you open your eyes ? Or is it that they are shut so tight that no longer can you even think positively .
    The warning cry is going out.

    • Every country in the world is capturing this statistics of what cases are “imported” and which was transferred…..

  6. Wowthat was quick. I knew this would happen. Everytime they say we ‘COVID FREE’ the next day new cases. PM Brown I do believe it is time to relieve the helth minister of his duties because it seems to be a have load for a man who is advance in age.

    • We do not and cannot exist in a bubble. As long as the virus is in existence, there will always be risks. To root it out completely without the application of a cure or vaccine is wishful thinking…

  7. This should not be a surprise to anyone!! As long as the borders are open the COVID-19 cases will keep rising!! We need to understand Coronavirus is not going anywhere anytime soon. The entire world is on pause!! Plan sensibly to protect your nation.

  8. Stupz yall can the world stay on pause while a vaccine is been worked on? No! Can we remain at home kids out of school businesses closed ecomony closed? No! Like it or not corona is here to stay it is how it is handled by officals makes the difference! It is high time the econonmy open back up and people get back to work.

    • Didn’t think I was gonna find anyone on here bold enough to say it! We have to live…cure or not! Well said…

      • Boss manthem nah go say so cause some of them nah feel good unless them on social media cursing out the government. People need fu wake up and start to adjust to life with covid. The sooner we do the sooner we can start to put things in place and get people back to work.

  9. Please listen to my case so you all can be informed. I was exposed to COVID 19 on May 28 and immediately isolated myself. On June 2 (exactly 5 days later,CDC average) I came down with the symptoms. I spent 14 days in quarantine. On June 15 I retested on my doctors advice, this came back positive. My doctor advised that it was more than likely a false positive and that I would not be contagious after 10 days of the first symptoms (that would have been Jun 12). On Jun 16 I moved back to my daughters place and have been there to this day (8 days). Average incubation as in my case is 5 days. No one that I have been in contact with has become sick which indicates that I’m not contagious. I’ll bet my last pay check that if the 39 persons did not have symptoms that they produced false positives and are not contagious. I’m no doctor but my doctor was right on the money. He says the virus stays in the body for some time after but not contagious. Health professionals are learning more each day about this virus. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS AS ADVICE

    • That is nice good solid advice but sweetheart this is the nation Antigua and Barbuda where politics is the order of the day and common sense is out the window.

    • I am glad! The exact time frame and symptoms happened to my brother. However in Antigua .. people throw common sense out the window and go on emotions instead of educated and informed decisions.

      As long as the borders are opened as most borders around the world are, not just Antigua, people will still be traveling and some may have it.

      In such cases let’s exercise education and commons sense.

      We cannot burn down Rome whenever someone comes to Antigua and test positive. It will happen next week and probably the week after, as more flights come in..

      Stay in doors, go out when essential and take precautions.

      Everywhere in the world is moving forward but being conscious and careful! Let’s do the same.

      • Don’t take it as advice, but we need to hear it though! We do need to know. The moment we here Covid we start eating each other alive and casting blame every which way…so tired of the noise!

    • Don’t take it as advice, but we need to hear it though! We do need to know. The moment we here Covid we start eating each other alive and casting blame every which way…so tired of the noise!

    • Yes this is why asymptomatic persons who test negative for Covid after being quarantined for 7 days. will be allowed to go home. Its requested though that they continue the quarantine (self) for another 7 days

  10. They hate Jamaican so much that whe not in the spot light but they always reserve a spot for us. Jamaica leaving no flight coming in but we still have to blame. Our heart is to dark for each other no love. Christ said lord forgive them

  11. So you mentioned about the 19 from Dominican republic on the press briefing. What about the other 20? Whey Dem dey from? You can’t be selective with the information. You talk about transparency but such action is far from that.

  12. Tourist leggo – Short Shirt 1974; look out fuh d mask man -Lee Pee Chin 2018. Our calypsonians as visionaries!

  13. World boss is a World Jack. How can you open up a self isolated island to external influences. His calculated risk was not well vetted. Tek all de money that and return to the treasury.
    All of you and some are guilty of treason. You have ruined the fiscal balances of Antigua and Barbuda. Shameful! ABLP should call early elections. I want to see just how the electorate will vote. Pointe FM is purée propaganda for the world jack. How you all listen and comprehend such filt. I’m so pissed that Antigua has come to this. Dependent on misinformation. Put there hopes and aspirations into elected officials that are all about self. Both parties are guilty of this. Greed and power are corrupt qualities that no politician should be bestowed upon. Follow the money trail and you’ll find the corrupted.

    • I hope you have proof that the stated name stole money from the treasury.
      Your comment is not that of a good citizen in this trying time. This is not time for name calling. Be a good citizen. Hope you are wearing your mask and don’t end up in the hospital labeled with one of the names you listed.

  14. As I said. Follow the money. It leaves a trail of crumbs. When you get there. Don’t put on your blinders. Forensic audits of public accounts, Commission of Inquiries, public disclosure of divorce records, lawsuits, misappropriation of public funds, road construction, sidewalk construction, sand mining irregularities, aggregate production, melon farm. Follow the money. See whose name come up at the end of your trail. See who own public companies doing business as government ministers in high office. See whose name tied to men like Safari and the all good Sir Allen Stanford. A coming down to talk to you. As King Obstinate would say. Call the the election. A temperament and leadership of a leader are on full display in a time of crisis. Anybody can guide a steady ship. When the waters get rough and the tides get overwhelming. You need a competent leader to steady the ship. Not sink it!

  15. Those dunce elements of the UPP persuasion, can you hear yourselves???? It is not Gaston Browne who will cause you to die from Covid-19! YOU will do it all by yourselves, by refusing to respect and follow the requisute protocols for you own survival, and if you care enough, for the survival of your fellow inhabitants. Antguans will not remain hiding under rocks refusing all interaction with the outside world while we extend our greedy arms and beg – beg to feed our growling, insatiable stomachs. This is the type of nation envisioned by some who wantd desperately to be crowned ‘King’ of the ashes. And so you Gay desperadoes of the ilk of “thong in cheek” please ensure that your thongs remain firmly within your own cheeks to prevevt any further contaminatìon of foul air and filthy seepages that emanate from you at each turn.

    • @Anon
      You are so full of it. Have you smelled yourself? I hope ABLP is paying you a fat salary or why else would you be prostituting yourself for them?

  16. 39 new cases? Murder, Antigua people dead! The PM better check dem passports and deport dem smaddy back to the DR.

  17. Come on people lets be real. It does not matter if the country open up yesterday, last week, last month, next year or 2022 covid would have still come in. There is no cure no vaccine. Even the most developed countries eg the US and UK are relaxing restrictions and accpected visitors. Did the government dropped the ball yes. Was it foolish to say we are covid free when they knew about those 39 persons yes. Will they do better in the furture I really hope so but at the end of the day we the people are responsible for not only ourselves but our family and loved ones. To the people who are coming in I beg you please it is not about you, so when you come please adhear to the guidelines set. We cannot afford another lock down.

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