3500 Hotel Rooms For The First Time In Antigua History

Barbuda Ocean Club

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne has defended his government’s record on foreign direct investment and tourism outlining that his government has welcomed fair and beneficial foreign investments.

“Several of the investments, including the new Royalton Hotel, Hodges Bay Club, Hammock Cove, Canada Place, The Barbuda Ocean Club, among others, are obvious not only in their presence, but also in the beauty of their architecture,” Prime Minister Browne said.

He also pointed out that over US$150 million has been spent on the YIDA project thus far and a further US$50 million to US$100 million will be spent in 2020.

“In tourism, we enjoyed 13% growth in arrivals in 2019.  In 2019, we received a record breaking 309,000 stayover visitors for the year compared, to 268,000 in 2018.  And, that was not the only breakthrough that we recorded.  In 2019, we oversaw the addition of 500 new hotel rooms, bringing our nation’s room stock to over 3,500 rooms for the first time in our history,” Prime Minister pointed out.

The country’s leader stated that the successes did not happened accidentally, outlining that it was achieved by careful planning, imaginative marketing and strategic implementation.

All of it was achieved by careful planning, imaginative marketing and strategic implementation.

“In the hands of bad policy makers and careless government, our tourism industry and our economy, would not have so impressively improved and expanded.  It would have declined and decayed, as happened between 2009 and 2014, when our economy contracted by 25 percent, putting thousands out of work and impoverishing our people,” said Prime Minister Browne.

The country’s leader concluded by making a promise that the days of bad governance are over and will not be allowed to return under his administration.

“The irony is, these so-called “experts,” who wrecked our economy and our people’s lives, are now seeking to cast themselves, deceptively, as our saviors.  We are determined that their days remain in the past; never to be repeated.”

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  1. The new Royalton Hotel rooms should not be counted in this survey. Only the additional rooms to this newly renovated resort should be reported.

  2. You know I feel sorry for the UPP. They are not opposing the ABLP o. Issues where they are weak and lacking. They go after the strong side of the ABLP the economy and the increase in tourism. And by doing so they sound like Chicken Little. Screaming “The sky is falling”.
    I mean how can you say the economy is bad when year after year external agencies such as ECLAC, CDB, AND ECCB are reporting of growth, and not just any growth , but the region’s top growth. I mean you can continue on this path and stay in opposition for two decades if not more. And Lovell’s latest attack on the PM’s management style is laugh. What style did he recently displayed why he lost Lamin from the party. His style is to throw people under the bus that don’t agree with him. That is why we now have a new party called DNA. Lovell you are out of ideas as to how to be effective in opposition. My advise to you is, just quit and safe your party and yourself the humiliation.

    • Just hush and publish the IMF report that you’ve been hiding for over 4 years now. ECLC et al are rubber stamps to whatever data is submitted by the government. And the government can say anything, the IMF check the sidework however that’s why you not releasing the report.

      YIDA is spending 200 million dollars AGAIN??? How many years are we going to hear this same song over and over again.
      YIDA is spending 200 million yes, but it’s being spent in China cause the treasury or statutory bodies haven’t seen a penny of that money.

  3. Wow! What a lot of empty hotel rooms the island will have if Greta and the eco brigade get there way. Will i be able to afford the great bearded one’s air fairs if flights are overpriced to stop me flying. I think not. Watch out Mr Brown. Change is’a coming like it or not.


    You hit the nail on the HEAD . The UPP , SERPENT ,KNIGHT ,TABOR keep on complaining how Antigua is doing so bad. A few of my Friends from Florida were in Antigua a few weeks ago. They just wrote me a few days a ago and to quote Them in Their exact words …AS FOLLOWS…..” THEY SAID THAT ANTIGUA IS THE MOST PROGRESSIVE COUNTRY THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE CARIBBEAN”. They went on to say that there is no POVERTY in Antigua. So the UPP and Observer are complaining for complaining sake. Does not make sense.They have ruined the UPP.What a burning Shame.


    I do not believe that you are studying the political landscape in Antigua . If you do , You have never made such a statement. We would NEVER NEVER see a change in our LIFETIME with this present UPP. The UPP is in such bad shape that They cannot find QUALIFIED Persons to run for 2023. Persons leaving the UPP by leaps and bounds. Study Politics in Antigua before open your BIG mouth. You sound very STUPID. Go and run for the UPP 2023.

  6. Inspite of the fact that we might be doing well in with our Tourism industry, our tourism product yet needs an improvement…

    Sun, sea, sand and friendly people are certainly not enough to stay on the competitive edge…. Other countries have great sceneries such as their Historical buildings and their natural evirons like waterfalls etc…..

    Upgrading our botanical garden and creating an aquatic park just might add a bit more value to our tourism product

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