35-year-old murder accused Shawn Mussington hospitalized under police guard


Shawn Mussington, 35, is the suspect in the country’s ninth murder since the start of the year.

He is accused of killing 45-year-old Jamaican Simone Whyte at the junction of Market and Tanner Streets about 8:30 Saturday evening.

Whyte’s throat was reportedly slashed during an alleged altercation with Mussington, reputed to be her estranged lover.

Whyte was pronounced dead on the spot.

Mussington fled the scene, but his attorney, Wendel Robinson, told state media this evening that Mussington sought treatment at hospital for two wounds he claims he sustained during the altercation with Whyte.

Robinson says Mussington underwent emergency surgery for wounds to the right side of his neck and under his chin.

The attorney says his client remains in hospital under police guard.

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  1. If this was my daughter or child ect my only mission in life right now is to get this punk and not for a fistfight . No one deserves to die in such a vicious way like that multiple stabbing and cut her throat Wow that sounds military like eliminate the treat. No way of her surviving that very precise attack .
    With him sounds self inflicted and a bunch of balone. Stabbed and and cut her throat Damn !

  2. Not so fast… the fact that he was wounded suggests self-defence or a brawl. Murder may be reduced to manslaughter.
    Those of us who kno Shawn have never once seen him angry, vexed or boisterous. He is more know for his jovial or goofy ways.
    Let us all wait for the investigation to conclude

    • Wasn’t this done in public…how can you hide a brawl or self defense incident.
      Maybe he tried to kill himself.

    • Quite right Frank.I am a regular visitor to Antigua and have known Shawn for many years.There just has to be more to this.I am in shock to hear of this tragic event and send my condolences to the victims family of course.However let’s not forget Innocent until proven guilty

  3. Wow so cruel and ironic that this idiot takes someone’s precious life away then he check himself into the hospital to save his own life after that senseless cold blooded killing he just inflicted .vengeance is the only verdict,life for life .

    • Are you so political it makes you stupid? How manu times must it be stated that names in any sexual offence cannot be called until a conviction in court. Have you ever see the news medis put up names and pictures of men accused of rape? If you know who it is why don’t you put up the name and picture and see what happen to you. Just don’t drag down ANR in the process STUPID!

  4. Yes who don’t commit murder it might not be with a knife but how many times u all kill with u all tongue but none of u all got hang none of u all got punish but as soon as somebody lost his/her senses u Call ready to pass judgment before I pass judgment remember how u living and what u all doing to others too ok

  5. All these talk aint necessary.Am not saying its right to take someones life but only God knows what went down between the two.Until your in the same position you would probably done the samething you said you will never do.Anger is something we cant control in the heat of the moment until the resentless act is done then after ketching yourself you realize what you have done.Its sad that this happen but its the life you choose to live.Every man you meet might not be the same easy going man to take bull shit.

  6. So many things happen in Antigua but yet we cover it up.You look on a murder accuse who spend 10 years in prison then a man who get busted for drugs spends 25 years in prison.Now tell me where do you get real justice in Antigua.A man will get sentence or remanded to prison for rape without sufficient evidence.Its real twisted here when it comes to laws in this Country.

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