$33 million being sought to help Government offices withstand Cat 5 hurricanes

Image of Hurricane Irma which affected Barbuda in 2017

Plans are afoot to have a number of government offices strengthened to withstand Category 5 hurricanes,Chief Environment Officer Ambassador Diann Black-Layne has announced.

Black-Layne says the Department of Environment is hoping to allocate $25 million of grant funding from the Green Climate Fund totalling $33 million, to strengthen 54 government buildings.

Among the buildings to benefit are the Office of the Prime Minister, schools, courts  and police stations.

She said people working in these offices could also benefit from loans.

“We want them to have strong homes so that they can come to work during the storm; then when they are at work we want them to have a strong place to work,” Black-Layne said.

She said the provision of backup energy systems onsite is a crucial component of the initiative.

Ambassador Black-Layne said her team will be seeking approval from the Board of the Green Climate Fund in the coming days.

A total of $2.8 million will be allocated to facilitate training at local technical schools and the Five Islands Campus of the University of the West Indies.



  1. “So that they can come to work” during which storm: the Category 5 you’re shoring up the PM’s Office to withstand?
    Will he be there? Or will he shut down the country like he did the other day when we didn’t have even a Tropical Storm?
    Why only his office? He needs a bunker in which to hide?
    And what’s this about using Green Climate Fund money to give personal loans? Who will administer the funds: National Housing?

  2. What about the people they need cat5 shelters to elevated and concrete roofs and not 50 year old buildings to flood out and collapse on them not only Antigua the rest of the Caribbean should have cat5 shelters in place it’s not a matter of if but when one or more of these islands will be destroyed by a cat5.

  3. Some of this money would goes towards paying salary and wages, and we all know where the rest will ends up. This government received so much grants especially in liquid cash and yet we can’t see where it went. I don’t remember the UPP government received this about of grants like this ABLP administration.

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