32 Year-Old Woman Blames Suicide Attempt On Depression


A 32-year-old woman tried to kill herself on Monday claiming that she was depressed and been experiencing difficult periods in her life since she was 14 years old.

It is reported that she locked herself in her room after making two letters available to her roommate.

The female roommate allegedly sought assistance after the woman refused to give her access to the room in which she had locked herself

When the door was broken down the woman was allegedly found with an electrical cord around her neck.

Emergency medical personnel were summoned and the woman was taken to hospital.

Police have begun probing the incident.

A social worker attached to Mount st. John’s Medical Center says she believes it is the inability to deal with illnesses such as depression that leads to attempted suicides and suicides in some instances.



    • Really she said from she was 14 years why everytime these things happen people wanna believe it’s because of the opposite sex. And yes I know u said ”if”

    • Are you dumb or just stupid? Why not leave better encouraging words. Instead you came with bullshit. Its ppl like that cause others to get depressed. Go an evaluate yourself please.

  1. This headline, image, mention of method and no customary ending of resources available are all rubbing me the wrong way.

    Also, in any event it is not just some inability to deal with depression. As with all other illneses, not all cases are curable which is why it is so important to take every opportunity to disseminate information about resources as early intervention is generally better.

    The reader of this story has no real source for getting help. but they do know an implement they may have around their home that they can try. Guess saved them that google at least.

  2. to anyone who may feel overwhelmed with the struggles of life, please hang in there. This too shall pass, troubles don’t last always and you will rise again. Things WILL get better… Hang in there.

  3. Young lady you almost killed your future. If the news report above is correct it’s 18 years of battling with life and I’m going to be brutally honest with you. Life isn’t easy if you can show me someone who had it easy then that person rough times is on its way. God never said we will have it easy. God is our strength, call on him get on your knees. I’m not saying your life will be easy because you call on him but he will carry you through the roughest of time. God loves you
    Philippians 4:13
    Psalm 34:18
    1 Peter 5:7
    Peace of god be with you.i will pray for you

  4. I hope the young lady gets the help she needs to overcome this situation. Suicide is a permanent “solution” to a temporary problem. My dear I pray that having gone through this experience, you will emerge resilient, happy and healthy and be a source of encouragement to others. May the Almighty God sustain you and may you get the help you need.

  5. I know what depression feels like I’m going through it right now. You made it from age 14 to 32. Which means you are strong. Keep praying god don’t give more than u can bare

  6. …and, a next one to commit suicide, by drinking clorox?
    What the phuck is driving this type of behavior, especially among young adults and teenagers?
    Strangely enough, many will be are pointing fingers, in all 360*, of dicrections.
    I am pointing mines this way!!!
    Because, I say at the End, of the day!

    …habits, becomes Norms!
    …norms, become A Way Of Life!
    …a way of life, defines A People!
    …a People defines, A Culture!
    …a Culture, will predicate!
    …a Culture will dictate!
    …which direction, said People take!

    Review, rewind and bring to mind Our Culture, and there are signs, have being signs, that these types of behavior, will rise and rise, if We do not open Our eyes, but SEE with all of Our senses, especially, the common ones!

    I n I, a forward fu now!

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