31 Royalton Hotel employees test positive for COVID-19

Royalton Antigua


The Cabinet was informed by the Minister of Health and Wellness that all 500 employees of the Royalton Hotel were tested for the Covid-19 virus.

The results revealed that 31 employees tested positive; contact-tracing continues to determine if any employee may have infected family members and others with whom they came into contact.

The Cabinet continues to urge all employees, in both the public and private sectors, to obey the protocols that have been established while on the job and when in public spaces.

A three- to six-feet space is to be maintained between all persons; masks are to be worn at all times when away from home; and, frequent hand-washing or hand-sanitizing is to take place.

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  1. This is worrisome. We need answers for where they would have contracted this? Were they asymptomatic? What of their work conditions? Ventilation in places like the kitchens? Are they now quarantined?

  2. That headline is misleading and impossible.

    That property is BIO SECURE. They have been trained. They were certified, and properly inspected and spot checks are done to ensure compliance.

    That headline must be a lie I will not read that liard story.

    If the BIO SECURE is not secure then what…..

    • People,People,People !! Even if you are Vaccinated. You could still contract Covid-19.You could also spread Covid-19.If you are Vaccinated or Un-Vaccinated. You could spread Covid-19.I do not know.How you could social distance in a Hotel setting. Where there could be hundreds of guests. Where persons are interacting with them 24/7.I am fully Vaccinated.I still wear my mask,wash my hands,use sanitized wipes and liquid sanitizers on my hands.I do not take chances. I still wipe down the shopping carts handles. I wipe down the groceries and wash those things that are washable.You have to take care of number one. YOU !!

    • That is a very good question, how many were vaccinated and what percentage of both vaccinated or unvaccinated were asymptomatic?

      @health authorities, yeah, let’s start to test all the unvaccinated now, I am sure you will be sorry. Out count may reach in the hundreds and sorry – there goes our green list from the UK. Whoops, our level 1 gone to level 4. Thanks for the stupidity. Follow the USA policy, what is their level?

  3. Nah mek dem trick me and kill me no way dem leaders bloodclat mad. Life a the greatest thing dawg me nah get vaxxed so just lowe my rass.

  4. …and, the #Variants have not arrived as yet!
    …lard gad, and dem still a fete! Fete! Fete!
    …getting drunk n disorderly!
    …begging fu de Tourism money!
    …oh god! Good god! It’s long time we telling dem
    …we need to diverse Our economy!
    …and don’t depend solely!
    …on Sun, Sea, sand and our natural beauty!
    …now dem a fart!
    …and, it’s just de start!
    …‘cause, People and dem Picknee.
    …might soon, very soon start to dead from hungry!

  5. This is what Delta does. It is far, far, far more contagious than the original virus. You cannot make any mistakes, or you will catch it. And masks must be high quality (e.g. N95, or KN95). As simple as that.

    I wonder if the authorities that be have informed the people what a different beast Delta is.

  6. @DM…

    …Can I get an #Amen!?
    …or, maybe a simple Halleluyah!?
    …and then, there was the one called #Lamda!
    …and right after that, here to comes sexy Iota!
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    …but honey, sweetie you believe me!
    …between her, #Beta and #Gamma!
    …there’s no way, to STOP 🛑. Full stop!
    …this impending HUEman disaster!
    …If you think, that it’s a lie!
    …you can channel Saint Lester!
    …and even question the one Hitler
    …and, ask him why!? Oh why!?
    …so many more will have to die!
    …then come join you, some place in the sky!

      • Thomas, it is good to know if the new cases of COVID, how many are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Why? Because the health officials keep putting all the blames on the unvaccinated (people who are not vaccinated).

  7. We need to know if any of these employees were fully vaccinated and if any guests in the hotel have the virus? Why should the health officials focusing only on the family members of these employees for contact trace but not the guests in the hotel? The delta variant was brought here so the best person(s) to check for contact tracing is (are) the guests in the hotel. Unless the employees travel overseas and brought it back.

    • The fact that they referred to it as ‘biosecure’ suggests that the majority were carrying the ‘jab of honour’, coupled with the fact that so far they can’t release the number of ‘vaccinated’. FACT: Delta or not, the jab, while effective at reducing symptoms, doesn’t prevent it from spreading.

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