300k cannabis licence fee waived for Rastafarian community

Grow Antigua Seatons

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the cannabis licencing fee was waived for the rastas who invested in the medical marijuana business here.

Browne says this is a form of reparations for the injustices suffered by the local rasta community in Antigua and Barbuda.


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  1. Never let a politician grant you a favor, Gaston will want to control you forever.
    Rasta agreed to vote labor.

  2. I thought no one would be spared from paying that fee.What happened Gaston Browne.You had a change of heart.Do you really have a heart.Are you buying votes for the waiver of those fees? Was Frankie Francis ever abused by the Police in the old days for smoking weed? Rastas from the Ghettos were abused by the Police.Rastas from Greenbay,Ottos,Grays Farm and Point were abused by the Police back in the day.I am speaking from what I saw.I am just asking questions.

  3. How do we invest on this business? I hope they offer an investment opportunity to locals before foreigners take over, and open dispensaries. This market is good for the local vendors to become legitimate businessman.

  4. nobody isn’t listening carefully?
    #1 gaston is admiting that the reason we decriminalized and not legalized recreational only have some back door for “medical” in which all use is medical, is because we antigua and barbuda have “international obligations”??? meaning still receiving money from the war on drugs to fight Cannabis
    #2 he is complaining that the operators who want to set up here are having problems finding a way to send money back home to their banks instead of investing here in the country
    #3 he sounds dunce because medical cannabis is cannabis with high thc , reasons being people take oils to cure certain ailments because its high in concentration. thc is medicine too and the whole plant used together and not separated with all canabinoids intact is where the real medicines lies.
    #4 how can he make such blatant claims about high thc levels and schizophrenia when they is so much studies disputing that? there is already so much stigma and this one is particularly came about to stop the advancement of legalization. am not disputing he doesn’t have “doctors” telling him this but i say to them show me the uptick in schizophrenia antigua might not have the data to to the study but the USA does and its been legal there since the 80’s so we should have seen a uptick and there hasn’t been any. and thats not my words they are the words of the late great Dr. Lester Grinspoon of Harvard University.

    • And then someone will blame Gaston, saying that he legalized the plant to mash up the youths. Proper regulation of the industry is indeed needed, to prevent abuse.

  5. So my simple question is – since this is the first license granted, a how come so much cannabis a grow a rasfreeman and big creek? So who influencing the law to say who fu get lock up and who fu lef. Them Rasta jus a front up a see breeze. Time to legalize the herb. We cannot have the law for some and not for others.

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