3 Ways To Unblock Your Drains


Whether it is a major or minor block, blocked drains come among the most pathetic issues in plumbing problems. Almost every one of us has faced a situation where the water drains as slowly as possible towards the drain. If you’re facing such issues in your households, there could be an obstruction in your pipe, causing the blockage.

This blockage should be fixed as soon as possible, as they bring financial and time loss for the owner. That’s why these problems need to be quickly addressed in their first signs or early stages.

Blocked drains are a common occurrence in Australian households. Before you hire a blocked drains Sydney company, check whether the blockage is an easy fix with these 3 ways-

Method 1: Clean the drainage pipe

If you’re unsure or confident about how to clean the drainage pipe, don’t follow this method. However, this method is simple to use and easy to understand. For following this procedure, you need an old bucket. While following the process, make sure that the bucket is empty. You need to place that bucker under the U-shaped pipe for collecting leaks or water from the pipe during the process. After placing the bucket, take a wrench and loosen the nuts on both sides of the pipe, and remove the pipe. Empty all the components into a clean place, and look around the hidden blockage or debris in the pipe. You can take the help of a long cleaning brush or old toothbrush in your house to remove the trash in the pipe. After cleaning thoroughly, rinse the whole pipe and components with water and dry for some time. After following all the mentioned steps, put back all the components together. In most cases, the primary reason for blockage is hidden debris, and following this technique will unblock your drain entirely.

Method 2: Using Homemade Methods and Plungers

Before calling a plumber to clear the blockage, you can try this old-effective method for removing the blockage. Plungers are used for a long time, and they have an excellent mechanism, which sucks up the debris or any blockages from the drain. However, following this method requires some time and strength, but this technique is popular among many households from past decades.

If you don’t want to spend energy on clearing the drain, don’t worry. You can use a combination of baking soda and salt. Items like salt and baking soda are available in every household and can be found on the kitchen shelves. You can mix an equal proportion of baking soda with salt and pour it down to the blocked pipe. Leave this solution to settle for 15 to 20 minutes. After settling, you can pour hot water into the pipe. These three things will react with each other vigorously to clean the most complex blockage on your pipe, with which you’re struggling.

Method 3: Using Biological & Chemical Cleaners

If you have tried every cleaning method mentioned above, and still you’re facing problems related to drainage blocking in your house, most probably you need a more robust solution. And Chemical Cleaners will be the right choice for you.

Chemical cleaners are readily available in supermarkets and nearby stores. Also, the most efficient chemical cleaners are cheap and readily available. You can pour down the chemical into the pipe and leave it to work for a few minutes or hours. It would be best if you leave it to settle the chemical overnight. After being settled, you can pour down lukewarm water through the pipe to remove the blockage. Please note that if you’re using solid chemical cleansers for clearing the jam, make sure to read the instructions carefully.

If you’re an environmentally-friendly person and don’t want to use those harsh chemicals for clearing the blockage, you can use Biological cleansers. These are also readily available in the market, and their enzymes chew up the blockage or hidden debris inside the pipe. However, they possess limited powers than solid chemical cleaners and wouldn’t be as effective as chemical cleaners. Although bio-cleansers can remove minor blockages and garbage inside the pipe, clearing a significant blockage or high amount of deposited debris inside the pipe is challenging.

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and are still suffering from drainage blockage problems in your household, it is essential to contact professionals. They will come up and solve your problem. In the worst blockage cases, you can contact Wilco plumbing to unblock your drainage safely, without any issues.

Why Choose Wilco Plumbing?

There are several possible reasons for choosing Wilco Plumbing over other plumbing solutions available in the market. Some of the significant reasons for selecting services from Wilco Plumbing are mentioned below-

High-Quality Services

With a team of highly expert plumbers, Wilco Plumbing is the one-stop for all your needs. With their highly advanced and efficient plumbing methods and techniques, your blocked drainage will be cleaned within some minutes. Also, their ways are efficient and cost-effective, saving you from spending a lot of money.

Efficient and Time-Saving

A professional plumbing solution service and help you to unblock your drainage with the highest possible efficiency. Along with saving time, they save your money.

Unblocking a pipe with enormous debris and hidden garbage is not an easy task without knowing the correct methods and having the required equipment. Even if you have the necessary equipment, you can damage the pipeline or the drainage system, which will cost you more than hiring a professional.  With the help of an expert, you can quickly solve the blockage problem with minimum expenses.

Proper Cleaning Equipment

Like every sector, the plumbing industry also needs specialized tools designed for cleaning blockages and carrying out different tasks related to plumbing. Professional plumbers are equipped with modern-day plumbing tools and know what is necessary for completing the job quickly, without causing any damage to the pipeline.


With a team of highly experienced plumbers, Wilco Plumbing is committed to delivering the best available plumbing services to its customers. They integrate advanced techniques with enhanced technological equipment and offer quick and easy plumbing solutions to their customers.


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