3 unvaccinated, 1 partially vaccinated die after COVID-19 infection


Statement on behalf of Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC)

Dr. Albert Duncan, SLBMC Medical Director said:


We can confirm that sadly, four patients, who tested positive for COVID-19, have died at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre. Here are the details:


Sex: Male

Age: 81 (with comorbidities)

Admitted: September 27 (respiratory distress)

Date/Time of Death: October 6 at 4:30pm

Vaccination Status: Unvaccinated


Sex: Female

Age: 66 (with comorbidities)

Admitted: October 6 (severe respiratory distress, requiring immediate intubation)

Date/Time of Death: October 6 at 5:45pm

Vaccination Status: Unvaccinated


Sex: Female

Age: 95 (with comorbidities)

Admitted: October 6 (severe respiratory distress, requiring immediate intubation)

Date/Time of Death: October 6 at 7:22pm

Vaccination Status: Unvaccinated


Sex: Male

Age: 37

Admitted: September 27 (respiratory distress)

Date/Time of Death: October 8 at 10:15am

Vaccination Status: Partially vaccinated (received one dose of a two-dose vaccine)

“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patient’s families and loved ones at this difficult time.”


Important safety measures that have been scientifically-proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19, includes:


Wearing a mask

Practicing social distancing

Avoiding large gatherings


SLBMC encourages all eligible residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage eligible family members and friends to join them in getting the vaccine.


The media are asked to respect the wishes of the families, and the interests of staff at the hospital to avoid any disruption to operational services.

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  1. Now Dr Duncan u know all the internet Dr and experts going to come with them pitch forks and lynch to hang u. U know them go say u lie u ah cover up anna vaccines kill di people and them. So next time please put out what they want to hear🥱

  2. 91years 85years,66years unvacinated with commodities died with covid

    37 years old with no commodities partially vaxed died from what?

    • A person who is “partially vaccinated” is medically the same as an unvaccinated person. That has been proven and repeated in all the medical literature. The only fully vaccinated person is one who has received their full dose (whether a one-shot or two-shot vaccine) and have had at least two weeks for the vaccine to reach full efficacy. In other words, a “partially vaccinated” individual is medically in the same boat as an unvaccinated person. Let that marinate!

      • They are moving the goalposts mid game to prop up the vax failures. Getting jabbed was a logical risk call for many given the information (marketing? propaganda?) and lack of known alternatives earlier on in the pandemic. Not so now given the health risks of the jab and it is increasingly obvious the jabs don’t work. They fade over time and don’t stop the spread.

        Its time to roll out ivermectin. It’s cheap and the ivm protocols work.

  3. @Wash an Basin, your explanation does not .ake sense and is not medically correct. Yes a partially vaccinated person is not fully vaccinated but from all the medical literatures of the vaccines, after receiving one dose of a 2 dose vaccine, you do attain a certain amount of efficacy, and the second dose increase that efficacy.

    However. It will take about 2 weeks to build that efficacy. So now, if someone had received a 2 dose vaccine over two weeks, they should have a good efficacy, some are over 65 % from first dose.

    What was not started was when did the individual receive the first dose? Was it very recently, and did that individual have COVID when he received the jab? What aren’t they testing people before giving them the jab? Such a young person without any underlying condition that arrive at the hospital with just respiratory distress (not severe) should have survived – my feeling (no proof) is that that individual recently took the.jab and had COVID when they took the jab.

    • I too was wondering what will happen to a person who happened to have COVID when taking the shot. I know testing resources are precious but what a tragic coincidence it would be to have a part of the virus introduced into your body at the same time it’s attempting to heal itself. Just from the way this thing spreads it’s bound to have happened to someone. Theoretically you could even catch it while waiting in line for your jab.

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