3 teen boys relocated from HMP



The Attorney General reported that the three young males—ages 14, 15, and 17—have been returned to the former US Bases Air Station at Coolidge, following the reinforcement of the roof through which the trio escaped earlier.

They were temporarily housed at HMP while the reinforcement was undertaken.

The youth are supervised by prison officers.

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  1. Franz spoke on the airwaves yesterday regarding this issue, and promptly, the AG was able to relocate these youngsters from HMP. So, it takes criticism of the ALP government leaders to address the social ills that aaffects “ordinary” Antiguans.

    Kudos to you Franz — your advocacy is appreciated– especially during Mental Health Awareness Month.

    • Bull crap… In America 12 ,13, 14, 15 etc year old are committing murder so what his your point . Society hav changed tremendously. You People in Antigua put politics in every category of life. It need to stop. How about men and women start playing their roles when they become parents and stop letting society become their children parents.

      • @Bite me: Bite yourself! I’m not interested in catching rabies. Does America have juvenile detention centers? Why bring America into your comment — what purpose did it serve?

        In Antigua, CHILDREN WERE BEING KEPT AT HMP INSTEAD OF A FACILITY DESIGNATED FOR CHILDREN. Why did Franz have to speak on it for the children to be taken out of HMP? THAT WAS MY POINT.. If you had ONE proper functioning brain cell you would have gotten the point. And, it was politics that drove your response.

        Go ahead and blame parents for everything children do — Obviously, you have no idea that no matter how much work parents put into children they are not their only influence — chidren don’t live in a bubble. Just so you know, even the type of food one consumes can affect ones behaviour. And, when parents have to work two and three jobs in order to make a living wage, how much time can they have to spend with their children? I’ll stop here –i’m sure this is too heavy for you.

  2. What are they being incarcerated for? Especially the 14 years old one? Lack of parental control? Early path down the crooked road? Unless parents learn how to properly guide and discipline their children and stop patronizing them, this generation is going to be lost, if it’s not already.

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