3 new cases of COVID-19, 11 active cases


The most recent reports received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Mount St. John Medical Center (MSJMC) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) have revealed three new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 6 pm.

Subsequent to the publication of the dashboard on Wednesday, 26 samples were processed at the Mount St. John’s Medical Center’s Laboratory, which increased the pending results from 10 to 36.

All 26 samples processed by MSJMC yielded negative results and are reflected in the total samples taken and total tested columns of the dashboard.

Of the 10 samples processed by CARPHA, three returned positive while seven were negative.

Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is 111 with 11 active cases.

The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.

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  1. Question, why are some processed by at Mount St Johns and others by CARPHA?

    Why not just process all by one place and why does CARPHA yield more positive results?

  2. I can’t keep up with the info, so for people like me who just need a or b or c, what really a garn? Simply put, I just want to know should school plants be closed until the vaccine? We all know that there is a new normal, why is it we are trying to operate like its business as usual? Mek up your mind people, change!

  3. The information is like top secret information for some reason, imported cases they have to be. Once people are travelling to this country you are going to hear about new cases, Nothing to be surprised about

  4. There are no vaccines, no specific regiment, everyone has recovered, its time to stop listening to PAHO and WHO and use some African wisdom.

    Stop monitoring, remove restrictions, develop a rigid screening process for anyone entering the country including official.

    case closed we move on….

    • @Melchisedec…”time to stop listening to PAHO and WHO and use some African wisdom;” 😏🤣😅😂now, let me clear my throat…hmmmmnnn!
      You already know, funding is tied to the authorities pushing the One World Order agenda.
      You already know, the indoctrinations, of Our people, do no allow them to look to their African ROOTS, in the natural jungle, where the herbs are the healing for the Nation, but to the concrete jungle, of the HUEman animals and their pharmaceuticals.
      You already know, the #Media(plural of MEDIUM), for the most part are controlled by, a #Medium to do their bidding, and the People for the most part are not only influenced by the #Media, they are led by it, in ways similar to placing a rope around a lambs neck, from birth, and lead it wherever you wish; so much so, that when that lamb becomes and adult sheep, you can remove the rope, and the sheep will still follow your instructions.
      Now, you already know how the Molders Of Society operates!

  5. It’s look like the mortality rate is dropping, It is time for most countries to open their borders and go back to business. Time for us to stop being afraid of covid19.

    • Buh who in dey roite mind go sit dung fer 8 hours breathing in recycle air pun plane and ting ? I sight de numba of death droppin too doh. Bring dem over buh if dey bare sweat and luk powdery sen bah dey skent

  6. Listeners, Viewer’s pay attention and try to decipher the truth from the lies. Stop living in fear, it with not protect you. Dont let the escalation of the news captivate your mind for their hidden agenda and force beliefs. Hurricanes, earthquakes comes and go do we continue harbouring in our minds about those disasters and live in fear or do we continue to live and prepare the best we can. Fear is a friend of torment it take away your peace and health. The mortality rate for the virus is significantly low i observed in this country, we are hearing people have the virus they are quarantine and doing well, but still they continue try and supress the people with more rules and regulations, from since we heard about covid, it seems like cancer, aids, and other deadly disease doesnt exist any more. The media keep pushing covid 24/7 nothing about nutrition, but some people are so fearful, their mind are closed down until the passover of the virus. They said Boris Johnson had covid he recovered miraculously now trump and he is recovering. Are all the the leaders survival rate higher than the citizens of the country? Alot of things don’t sound and look right. What are they using that their chances of survival is greater than the ordinary citizens. Don’t just listen to the news use your 5 senses or 6 if you have an extra one.

  7. PAHO and WHO should not be controlling the decision made in this country. You could advise but not control and the leaders say yes for everthing. How independent is that? I dont find them to be trustworthy, even trump realise that. They will say the virus is new ,someone comes with a solution they say it wont work. How do they know and its a new virus ?Their way is the right way and other organisations are the wrong way.

    • To all who take care of us whether we have gout sicklecell covid aids cancer pressure sugar flu mania or yaws, I say thank you. @2020vizion, when covid is in the rearview mirror, we would have seen the fallout of the diseases that were inadvertently neglected. Another pandemic with human beginnings will no doubt be on the dashboard or windscreen and if we are lucky to have visited our eye doctors, we just might be able to still see. These battles are all a part of the war on humankind that is spawned by evil minds.

  8. I agree the high level of negative results for tests processed by MSJMC compared to CARPHA should raise concern. However I suspect what may be happening in this case is that MSJMC is processing the tests for persons who are doing routine procedures at MSJMC for which a COVID tests are now mandatory while CARPHA are doing suspected cases or cases directly linked to contact tracing. Nevertheless the high level of negative tests results from MSJMC should be of concern to everyone.

  9. CDC Survival Rates by age groups:
    0 – 19 = 99.997%
    20 – 49 = 99.98%
    50 – 69 = 99.5%
    70+ = 94.6%

    So relax everyone!

    • Relax? Maybe you should have asked yourself why the CDC itself isn’t “relaxing” after tabulating those figures???

      FYI, even at that rate, if every young person under 19 around the globe were to get infected eventually, that would result in several million dead kids. And these numbers are based on the unbroken availability of medical treatment. 9 out of 10 people who checked into the ICU with severe covid-19 survive only because they got medical attention. Up to 15% of covid-19 infection in the US requires medical intervention that includes O2 therapy. Once
      you arrive at a point in the pandemic where you’re being treated at home by a family member because hospital services are no longer unavailable, the death rate jumps by an order of magnitude.

      99.9% sounds great…if you haven’t thought things through. The number of people without underlying medical conditions is far less than 99.9%. It’s just too bad that 18% of young people 19 years and younger in America are obese. It’s just too bad that people are getting brain damage, heart disorders and long-term physical deficit from covid-19. Or maybe we could just relax, let everyone get the disease and then worry about any long term medical consequences of being infected when they happen years later?

      Nah. I like my lungs the way they are… Undamaged.

      • @AJ
        In a hundred years, 100% of us will be dead, so get accustomed to the idea that in this life, EVERYONE DIES eventually, with or without covid’s help.

  10. After reading some of these comments, I just have to shake my head. The fundamental problem is that media reports don’t provide the kind of knowledge that will protect people from their own stupidity. Folks who don’t have the slightest clue why the global medical and scientific community worries so much about this disease are here talking about going on with daily life as if this new virus doesn’t exist…because they think the currently advertised death rate is low enough to be ignored. None of these people are knowledgeable enough about disease to have realized basic things like the fact that there are always two death rates for any given illness – the death rate for medically treated illness and the death rate for untreated illness. The current death rate is the result of medical availability. In untreated disease, you don’t get to spend time in an ICU with doctors there to fight for your life and give you oxygen as is the case during this first wave….you just die… because there simply aren’t going to be enough people with medical expertise to care for those who need medical intervention to survive. If you want to know what the impact of a completely overrun medical system looks like, just watch documentaries on the Spanish flu of 1918 -1919 on YouTube. Pay close attention to the reasons why there were eventually dead bodies just laying in the streets.

    It’s a virus. That means that the more we allow human infection to accelerate, the faster the virus genome mutates and evolves. There’s already a brand new strain of covid-19 in a mountainous region of Chile found within the last few weeks that’s even more contagious than current strains circulating the globe. A mutation can change the behavior of a virus and give it new abilities. And a new covid-19coronavirus can emerge at any time by combining with an existing animal coronavirus. During the Spanish flu pandemic, young people went from being at low risk of death during the first wave to getting wiped out during the second and third waves after that H1N1 virus mutated. Many people back then also tried to pretend that things were back to normal too after the first wave. The virus simply didn’t let them. Widespread infection turned relatives into caregivers, who then got infected themselves. People living with the sick struggled to get well again because the whole family kept reinfecting each other daily. Not only were there no more hospital space but there were no medical transportation services after the medics got sick or had to take care of their own sick family members.

    You don’t play with viruses, folks… because the virus will play with you.

    • All the “we just have to learn to live with it” folks are ignorant and ridiculous.

      So you discussed the mortality rate but they are also forgetting that for some people who do not die go on to develop other serious conditions as a consequence of COVID like enduring respiratory, cardiac, or neurological problems.

      We have no idea what the long term effect of this disease will be on individuals and societies

      • So we need to lock down until Covid is no more like the flu that kills thousands every year is no more? 20 million people have died since April 2020 and many more will die in the coming months due to neglect of other deadly diseases because the media has a “Story” with Covid.

        The problem with the world throughout history is that the paranoid, hysterical and often bigoted minority often has the loudest voices and therefore gets to determine policy and society’s actions. Lockdown!, build a wall!, kill the Tutsis or Jews! etc are often uttered and acted upon because of these people.

    • @AJ
      Everything you said about this virus can be said of… let’s say, the FLU virus. It mutates, and it’s deadly too (80,000 deaths in US alone yearly)

      Why are you spreading this FEAR PORN?

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