2nd phase of Barbuda housing programme set for January


The second phase of the European Union (EU) financed housing programme in Barbuda will begin in early January with the construction of an additional 110 homes.

Head of the Office of the National Authorizing Officer (NAO), Dr. Clarence Henry, said 20 individuals have already received the keys to completed homes and arrangements for the start of the second phase are well underway.

“The Beneficiary Selection Committee (BSC) just completed a meeting today (Tuesday) as we looked a t who will be the successful candidates for houses in the next phase. We are meeting again next Friday following which we should be in a position to identify the would-be recipients,” Dr. Henry told PointeXpress.

According to the NAO, the BSC has had to reduce the number of houses i t planned from 150 down to 130. He said this is because of the rise in the cost of building materials since the start of the project which forced the committee to reduce the number of houses planned. The EU is providing five million Euros to finance the programme.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the agency managing the project, which is supervised by the NAO.

Dr. Henry said the UNDP rules mandate that the contract for the construction of the remaining houses must be subjected to a tendering process. He added that the tender panel will meet shortly to select a contractor.

The NAO only has an observer role in the selection process. Asked about the criteria for awarding the houses, Dr. Henry explained that those selected must have been residents of Barbuda a t the time of the 20 17 hurricane.

Those who resided in Antigua, or elsewhere in the world a t the time do not qualify. First responders – firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses – and parents with children will be prioritised to receive houses once they become available.

Dr. Henry explained that the BSC has been keen on attaining a high level of construction of the first 20 houses and wishes to maintain that standard going forward.

The BSC comprises the ONAO, the UNDP, the Development Control Authority, the Office of National Disaster Services (NODS), the Ministry of Works and the Barbuda Council.

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  1. Can someone advise me on behalf of someone as to what has become of the brown paper bag man in Barbuda. I have not heard him for a while.

    • Perhaps he is busy preparing part II of his infamous speech which he delivered to Barbudans. Re: LAZY, GREEDY, BADMIND, ENVY, TURN AWAY FROM GODLINESS, SELFISH etc.

      • Thank you very much for responding. My supermarket packer friend wants to know if he has recycled the brown paper bag for the SAME purpose.

  2. Barbudans do not take personal responsibility for their lives whatsoever. They really live in fantasy land that someone else is responsible for them. I have never seen that anywhere in the world. Not even after hurricane Luis that devastated many homes did Antiguans sit down and placed the responsibility to build themselves another home on someone else. People have to take personal responsibility for their life. And yes we should always try to assist those that cannot help themselves. We are creating monsters that will come to haunt us someday. People that think live is all about entitlements.

    • @ From The Sideline
      You seem to have a deep hatred for Barbudans. The funds for the homes being built are not Antiguan and Barbuda’s tax money. This is aid from international donors. When disasters occur any where in the world, international donors provide assistance. If this were Antiguans receiving the aid after a disaster, would you be describing Antiguans this way? Suggest that people like you just shut the heck up and stop spreading hatred towards Barbudans. It doesn’t concern you and it is not your money.

      • What hatred? ACTIONS speak louder than words. Even your own MP Trevor Walker has publicly stated that Barbudans are lazy and good-for-nothing rum drinkers. Did you accuse Trevor Walker of hate when he made those comments to you all? You are free to disagree with your MP Trevor Walker for calling y’all lazy, rum drinkers, but I guess MP Trevor Walker calls it as he sees it with his own people.

        P.S. – Do you realize that Trevor Walker does NOT sound like a Barbudan? Yes that’s right. He doesn’t have the Barbuda twang/accent. Guess because he spends more time in Antigua.

      • I have no time for nor place for hate. I have very good friends from Barbuda. I spend Independence weekend in Barbuda. As soon as I can buy my plot I will do so and build my vacation home. And whether the funds come from Antiguan tax payers or not is irrelevant. It is the attitude that I cannot deal with and the fact that is is condoned by our political leader. Your own political leader Trevor Walker was one time brave enough to call it what it is. He spoke from his heart and he spoke the truth. But what he failed to say is that he is part of having created that monster. You think the people in Puerto Rico are waiting on the government or foreign help to give them homes to live in. No! They take full responsibility for their own life and go and get a job and start from scratch to build back what they have lost. if after two years you have people still living in tents it tell me that they really are not taking personal responsibility. They expect someone else to take responsibility for making sure they get a home for free. And they are being aided by politicians to be that way for their own political reason.
        As a Rotarian I live by the creed Service above self. And I have learned to freely give. But I also believe in my biblical upbringing, “God help those who help themselves”. Barbudans do not think so. They have an entitlement mentality. Mana should fall from the skies everyday.

  3. Why are homes being built for police officers, firefighters? These people make good salaries and can build their own homes. Preference should e given to poor Barbudans who don’t have the resources to build.

  4. “…and seem to be on a protracted path of GAMBLING
    UNPRODUCTIVITY. People don’t want to work
    People badminded and just covet other people
    Council say work til 4 o’clock or 5 o’clock. You warn go home 10 o’clock
    And the last one which I find is the most profound for me:
    ~Member of Parliament Trevor Walker

    • @Have Mercy
      Maybe if Gaston would work with Trevor Walker to bring employment and some kind of industry to Barbuda for the small population, they wouldn’t have the time to indulge in your alleged behaviour. The only interest Gaston has in Barbuda is getting the lands to enrich himself and friends.
      Did the devil visit you in your sleep to come up with all these accusations?

      • Your comment confirms what another blogger wrote about Barbudans. They do NOT take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for THEIR lives. Always playing the blame game, the leech game, the lazy game, the backward mentality game

          • Nice try at dodging the pronouncements made by MP Trevor Walker. He tells it like it is. Lazy, badmind, alcoholics, promiscuous, covetous etc. Sorry that bun u in ya belly, but it’s coming from the same man who you and other Barbudans bow down and worship and allow to brainwash you and keep you under control in the dark ages.

            Pray for that Trevor Walker bondage and yoke to be broken.

  5. @ From The Sideline.
    Where were you to comment on the RAPE CASE that involves a minister of the ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party.
    You laborites. Smfh

    • I don’t jump to conclusions before I have facts about something. if you read my comments you would have known. For you perhaps he is guilty as charged. For me let the legal proceedings take its course. I do wish the minister well and if he is proven innocent I hope he sues the hell out of the accuser. Because these kind of accusations are very serious ones. His entire live will be destroyed.
      Remember what they did to Sir Lester Bird. Accusing him of having sex with a minor. When it came to proving the matter in court they all run. He won all the defamation cases and they had to pay dearly, but no amount of money could repair the damage done to his reputation.

      • It is though a warning for especially young politicians to be very careful with their private live. Social and otherwise.

      • Antigua is a Mickey Mouse corruption country where it appears injustice can be bought. If Michael Browne is convicted, it is possible because someone wants him out of their government. Who would dare to challenge for leadership?

  6. Do you really think that a person would decide to live in a tent If they had the resources to rebuild? Rather than people like you entertaining these negative perceptions of Barbudans, why doesn’t the government allow the people of Barbuda to find employment by providing some form of industry on the island. How is building a vacation home in Barbuda going to help Barbudans? In the first place who would be receiving the funds from the sale of the land. Barbuda does need to be a playground for Antiguans and anybody else for that matter. What Barbudans need are employment opportunities and real development so that Antiguans may decide to relocate to the island. Seems to me that all you and your elk are interested in are the lands in Barbuda. And after you get it you will be still cussing the Barbudans. Do you know what hate is? Check your utterances. They certainly don’t show love. My suggestion to you is to leave Barbudans alone.

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