28-Year-Old Man Dies Suddenly


Police are investigating the death of a 28 year old man.

According to reports, he collapsed and died Sunday afternoon.

There have been 7 sudden unexplained deaths, within two weeks; all men.

Health officials say it is possible to test postmortem to determine if they were COVID-related.

No cause of death has. Even revealed for any of the individuals.

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      • Last week the health minister said they MIGHT start testing the people who suddenly died.

        Therefore, they have not been testing samples from the corpses as of last week. Hence my question, will the start testing the sudden deaths so we know if they are due to Corona or not?

        There have been at least 8 sudden deaths in the last few weeks.

        Next time, get your facts straight before you start insulting people.

      • They’re testing reactively, not proactively. Some states are testing upwards of 10,000-15,000 people per day to get accurate readings of Covid. Not doing mass testing will continue to cost lives…

  1. People, Tap a yard!. If you know you have a predisposed condition, asthma for example, check um out! You could in this way save your life…and mine for that matter!!

  2. Yep. There’s definitely something they’re not telling us. Hopefully it’s because they don’t know but are trying to figure it out…

    • What are “they” not telling you? The man collapsed and died today. You want an instant autopsy report like how you take your Ramen noodles and microwave popcorn? Usurp the position of the current pathologists. Show them how it’s done why don’t you.

      • Where did the commenter question the speed of autopsy? They simply said there is likely information being withheld from the public, which may or may not be true. You sound like you’ve cooked one too many things in the microwave, which may be scrambling your brain.

      • Oh please do shut up. Nobody mentioned autopsies or pathologists. I share the commentor’s sentiments. Something is amiss here. Hopefully in time we’ll know more about these seemingly increased sudden deaths. The only scrambled brain here is you. Carry on.

      • mentioned autopsies or pathologists. I share the commentor’s sentiments. Something is amiss here. Hopefully in time we’ll know more about these seemingly increased sudden deaths. The only scrambled brain here is you. Carry on.

      • Why is this Hmmmmmm person so pressed & shook at a simple comment? LMAO. The person is right. THEY need to say more if they know. Period.

  3. Something is amiss here.It is beginning to be mind boggling.In the past 6 weeks so many men have died,suddenly.Those men were of all ages.I have never heard about this in Antigua before.Are their deaths Covid 19 related.We do not know,we could not tell.Because nothing has been said publicly.So it is left for open speculations.Men in Antigua.We need to take better care of ourselves.Not being afraid to go and get our annual physicals.It is for our own personal well being and health.There is no need dying.Because we do not like visiting the Doctor’s office.

  4. Stay home people or wear mask if you have to leave your home for essential services.Our life is more important, the economy can bounce back.

  5. There are 150K deaths per day in this world or 4.5M per month from a host of causes. Guess what is the ONLY probable cause of death in Antigua now for the Einsteins?

    • Yes it is normal or practical for 24 and 28 year old young men to drop dead suddenly , one while he was on the phone. Nothing to see here people moving right along Mr. practical suggests. Nothing alarming about the other 7 men that suddenly died in the last 4 weeks either it’s all of natural causes, well until one of his friends or family members clutch their chest and fall. You have got to be a twin I swear because this is the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life.

      • Thank you Dessalines. We ate not going to solve this problem by pretending it doesn’t exist.

        We’ll know for sure if these deaths are COVID related if they are tested.

        • And if they test negative then all of you going to look like a bunch of idiots for jumping to conclusions and blaming everything on COVID 19. It is clear to see you people gravitate to all negativity.

          • You have the absolute wrong idea about life @…….

            If they all test negative, great. The point is they need to be tested so that the powers that be know what they are dealing with and not flying blind.

            As someone said above, they need to doing proactive testing.

            Look at New Zealand’s model. They are trying to eliminate the virus from their island and it’s working. Such an approach would work here as well rather than the magical thinking/pretend we don’t have a problem approach that is currently in effect.

          • My point is Geffory you people love negativity. No matter what the news is you always find fault. Maybe if we have 10, 000 postive result you woll be happy.

          • @………

            You need to go back to school and learn how to spell and think logically.

            The point is to prepare for the worst case scenario not pretend everything is fine and then find out later you’re in the middle of a disaster.

            Of course the best case scenario would be that widespread proactive testing confirms that the virus is contained and not spreading in the community.

            But what if it is spreading in the community and no one finds out until it’s too late and there are hundreds or thousands of people who need critical care that the island’s medical system cannot handle.

            Will your positive and wishful thinking fix that?

          • I said what I said you people love NEGATIVITY. No matter hapoens even if a vaccine is developed for this virus you will find something to complain and be negative about.

          • As suspected, you have no rational reply because you are clearly an uneducated person who loves to deal in magical (wishful) thinking.

            Let the grownup worry about the pandemic. You hush up now.

  6. Man ded because. he engage spiritual quacks with. no dam sense!
    I would be mad as hell if they mek my pickney ded when hospital right dey!

  7. Sudden death due to blood cloths cause by covid19 have been observed in all countries. Other countries made autopsy’s and found them mostly in the brain area. Age and pre conditions didn’t matter, those men were young and healthy. So stay at home, keep a distance and wear your mask, this is no joke

  8. Antigua has an annual death rate (before COVID) of approx. 6/1000 which translates to 600 per annum based on a 100K population or approx. 50 per month. That is nearly 2 persons per day on average whether young, old, infant etc. In two weeks one would expect 25 deaths on average (say 13 males, 12 females) so 7 males dying in two weeks is HIGHLY UNUSUAL????

    • a nuff dem nuff and love drama. They sit around waiting with baited breath to hear that 10,000 ppl have tested positive for the virus. As if death is something never heard of.

    • The rate here up to a year ago was 30-35 deaths a month. It went up around the last trimester of 2019.
      I am hedging my bets on CovidClots, Dengue and Psychological&Physiological distress.

  9. The way some of you people get on this blog it won’t be COVID 19 that kills you but Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and stress. Maybe some you should take a break from social media espically this blog. Try reading a book preferbly the Bible. Pray and meditate. Take up yoga spend time with the family. Do some home improvement. Gosh Jack just enjoy the lock down🤣🤣. R.I.P to the young men and condolense to the families.

  10. Why so angry Hmmmmmm? Lol. SMH. Hiding behind a keyboard & calling people names shows your lack of maturity & vocabulary. I agree with the comment. Something is amiss here and they are not telling us enough.

    • ok “laptop gangsta” since you are not hiding behind a keyboard and know the next person to “drop dead”

  11. This is unusual the Asian people might know what’s going on with all these sudden deaths.

    Eyes wide open cannot be distracted.

    Never follow the story look listen and connect

  12. 😢He was in close contact with 2 people that tested positive for COVID and 3 people who are now showing symptoms. The health department has failed to do contact tracing. Some other persons who were in contact with him are in hiding.!

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