27 on board Carnival cruise test positive for COVID-19


A Carnival Cruise Line ship that arrived in Belize on Wednesday after departing from Texas recorded 27 positive COVID-19 tests, all among people who are fully vaccinated.

The Belize Tourism Board said in a press release that the Carnival Vista ship, which left from Galveston, Texas, arrived in Belize City with a total of 2,895 guests and 1,441 crew members.

“As per the normal protocol, upon submission of the Maritime Declaration by the ship in anticipation of its call to Belize the ship reported that it had on board 27 positive cases, 26 of which were crew members and 1 passenger,” the statement said.

The tourism board added that it, along with Belize’s minister of tourism and diaspora relations, had met virtually with Carnival Vista officials the day before to “discuss the notification that persons aboard the vessel tested positive for COVID-19.” After the meeting, Carnival informed others on the ship that all who tested positive had been isolated and “contact tracing has ended with no additional positive cases found.”

The Wednesday press release noted that Carnival said 99.8 percent of the ship’s crew members and 96.5 percent of passengers were fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Each of the individuals who tested positive are either “asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms,” according to the tourism board.

Carnival said in a statement to The Hill that the company has “managed the situation utilizing stringent health protocols which included placing those who tested positive in isolation and close contacts in quarantine.”

“The health, safety and well-being of our guests, crew and the destinations we visit is our priority,” Carnival added. “All activities on the ship are taking place and our guests have been terrific at adapting to our new protocols. Carnival is in daily contact with the CDC about the status of all our ships.”

The company announced new mask and testing requirements last week, including that “all guests will be asked to wear masks in certain indoor areas of Carnival’s ships” from Aug. 7 through Oct. 31.

Carnival also said that effective this Saturday, all fully vaccinated guests will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test conducted within three days of boarding the ship.

“Vaccinated guests are required to come with their negative test results and proof of vaccination for boarding,” the cruise line said, adding that unvaccinated guests will continue to be required to submit to “pre-cruise PCR testing, testing prior to boarding, and testing within 24 hours of debarkation on cruises of five days or longer.”

Other cruise lines have reported COVID-19 outbreaks among passengers and crews as ships attempt to safely return to the seas with coronavirus safety protocols.

Late last month, Royal Caribbean said that six of its passengers had tested positive after departing from the Bahamas.

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  1. Avatar photo If you don't quarantine them and allow them to walk around freely they'll be more cases out there than reported

    No no they are all unvaccinated those antivaxers . Lol these are the same people that doesn’t have to quarantine when they come to Àntigua Do you people in charge and those that support them sit on your brains total 🤡 show.

  2. This will be the new normal. Get use to the vaxxed testing positive and spreading the virus. Mass vaccination with leaky vaccines during a pandemic is the wrong weapon for this Covid war. The virus will WIN if the strategy doesn’t change.

    • Indeed the vaccines are working. There are some 4336 persons traveling on the cruise-line in close quarters, the fact that only 27 persons have tested positive, less than .5% (yes not the .), shows that indeed the vaccines are working. Note also the ship is not fully vaccinated (99.8% of crew and 96% of passengers). Of great importance is no one is seriously ill, which is what the vaccines are being promoted to prevent. Think you recall before the vaccines, it was practically all the passengers coming down with covid

      • Lol. The nonsense you guys are capable of believing. SMH. All 4000+ travellers were not exposed to the virus while onboard the vessel so it’s ludicrous to use the entire passenger manifest and counting thousands of unexposed as proof that the vaccines work, especially when none of the unvaccinated travellers were infected. FYI, you’d have to quarantine everyone on the vessel to get the majority infected eventually. That’s actually what happened in the past.

        The undisputed fact is that an infected vaccinated person came onboard and infected over two dozen other vaccinated persons in the timeframe of this cruise. If the vaccine reliably stopped infection, it would have limited the spread to two or three persons at most. Instead, the virus spread in exactly the same pattern and rate as if these folks were unvaccinated… meaning that it didn’t work! How many more clues do you people need? So they didn’t get seriously ill? So do the vast majority of the unvaccinated people who got infected over the last year. All of a sudden, the vaccine is given full credit every single time a vaccinated person with no underlying conditions catches it but is not hospitalized, even though that was always the most likely outcome for the unvaccinated with no underlying conditions. The vaccines work against the variant they were designed to target….the alpha variant. It’s a piece of the the alpha variant that was used to alter your immune system. The viruses we’re dealing with now is no longer that virus. Almost all of the neutralizing antibodies that would have worked against the alpha don’t work against the Delta. And because the Delta is producing 1000x more viral particles than alpha, it overwhelms the vaccine response because you simply will never have enough compatible circulating neutralizing antibodies to stop that number of particles. That’s why they’re already talking about boosters that will increase the number of antibodies produced per unit time, but even that won’t work eventually.

        The absolute best way to stay safe is to stay safely away from other people. Limit exposure to other people, even if they’re vaccinated. If that’s not possible you may have no choice but to consider vaccination and hope that you somehow catch something other than Delta. But even then you should be trying to avoid prolonged contact with others when you can. Most infected vaccinated people had been successfully keeping their distance a whole year until they got vaccinated, dropped their guard and got infected. Current research is clearly showing that this is not merely a lung infection and it persists in various organs of some people long after they test negative in the upper airway. Vaccinated people are now getting long covid. I’m seeing people relaxing as if their vaccination is going to allow them to pretend that they can live like it’s 1999 from now. A coronavirus vaccine can only ever be a temporary solution to coronavirus and it comes with significant long-term risks, in exactly the same way that the dengue vaccine is highly risky.. Science knew this long before this pandemic started. And there’s no back to normal possible. Because we just let this new coronavirus establish itself as a global infection alongside influenza. The future normal is the risk of catching both at the same time, along with much increased risk of viral hybridization events in the future. It’s not going to be pretty. It’s time the scientific community starts telling the whole truth about what we’re really dealing with going forward.

        • Like you plan to write a book. There has never been a claim that the vaccine will perfectly protect persons from being infected. What is known is that vaccinated persons are less likely to spread the virus than those unvaccinated, due to the unvaccinated having higher viral load. The delta variant may be changing that but more data is needed. Anyway, What has been stated from day one is that the vaccines will protect you from serious illness and death. Thus far some 99 percent of persons in the US who are fully vaccinated have not had serious illness. You well know the same can’t be said for the unvaccinated who make up over 90% of the hospitalizations

  3. Protect yourself build your immune system, a weak immune system and a experimental shot is not the life saver.

    They refuse to test vaccinated ones and want to test unlvaccinated ones, so it is ok for the vaccinated to spread the virus but wrong for the unvaccinated to spread

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