24 Hour FULL ROAD CLOSURE – Friars Hill Road


24 Hour FULL ROAD CLOSURE – Friars Hill Road

Date: Thursday 30th July 2020


Ongoing road infrastructure rehabilitation work will result in a 24 hour road closure on a section of Friars Hill Road affecting southbound traffic to Old Parham Road as well as northbound traffic towards Dickenson Bay street. This planned closure is expected to begin on the weekend and will continue until August 31st 2020.


Closure Limits: Stapleton Ln. to Cross St.

Date/Time: 7:00am Saturday 1st Aug 2020 until 7:00am Monday 31st August, 2020

Main Diversion Southbound to Old Parham Rd.: Dickenson Bay St., Newgate St., Cross St., Independence Ave then to Old Parham Rd.

A site map is attached for publication.


Northbound for traffic to Dickenson Bay St.: Independence Ave, Upper Church St., Church Ln., and on to Dickenson Bay St.



    • Did you read the article, or just the headline? It clearly states it’s shut for the month of August, 24 hours a day.

      • You 1st needed to accept you were wrong and didn’t read the article…. then after that you should have run back under the rock that you came out from to make such dumb comment..

  1. Antiguan citizens don’t read before they become cynical and hop on any and every Rinky-Dinky cause that chances by. Even when corrected, as is clearly evidenced, they don’t graciously concede and learn but remain rooted in their arrogant ignorance/ignorant arrogance.

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