24-Hour Curfew Extended For Another Week


The 24-hour curfew that has been imposed on Antigua and Barbuda under the
state of emergency has been extended for another week.

The curfew will extend from Thursday April 9 at 6:00 am to Thursday April 16, 2020
at 6:00 am.

The state of emergency has been imposed under the Public Health Act (Dangerous
and Infectious Disease) (Amendment) No.2 Regulations, 2020.

Signed by the Chairman of the Central Board of Health, Eustace Lake, the
extension of the curfew is part of government’s move to further control the spread
of the dangerous infectious disease COVID-19. Under the statute, the Board ‘hereby
issues and directs that the following special measures be observed throughout Antigua
and Barbuda’.

The curfew restricts movement of all persons, except special categories of workers
identified by profession.

All other individuals are to remain in their place of residence (homes) during the
curfew period.

The regulations also describe what the law considers as ‘place of
resident’ as follows;
(1) Freedom of movement of every person in Antigua and Barbuda shall be exercised
only in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.

(2) Except as provided herein, every person shall remain confined to his or her place of residence (which includes the porch, gallery and yard space of his or her home) to avoid contact with others who do not form part of his or her immediate household occupant.

The Gazette said all businesses and churches are to remain closed across the country except for a few essential services.

Essential services include:

  • Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (to include Fire Service)
  • Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force
  • Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP)
  • Customs Department and ancillary staff to include freight forwarders
  • Immigration Department
  • Emergency Medical Services and E-911 Services
  • State Media
  • Her Majesty’s Prison
  • Air Traffic Control Service
  • Metrological Services
  • Trade Unions
  • CareGivers e.g. nurses, orderlies, Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics and pharmacy workers
  • Antigua Public Utilities Authority and any other utility/water providers
  • Air and Sea Port Workers (Administration and other staff)
  • Security Personnel (public and private)
  • National Office of Disaster Services
  • Medical and Paramedical Professions
  • Removal, handling or burial of deceased persons or disposal of dead animals
  • National Solid Waste Management Authority and all other departments for the collection, storage, treatment, and disposal of sewage, garbage or refuse
  • Telecommunications providers
  • Transportation Services to include LIAT 1974 Ltd. (Bus operators are to adequately protect themselves and patrons)
  • Financial institutions

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  1. COVID19 strategy

    1 Zone the country by establishing the parishes and Barbuda.

    2 Create strategic check points maned by soldiers not police offices at borders for parishes.

    3 No one is permitted to move outside of parish.

    4 Establish medical icu facility, hospital, quarantine, police, supermarket and media etc in each zone.

    5 Curfew 24/7 with a hotline to call if supplies runs low. At no time should anyone one be allowed on a public road without calling the toll free hotline first.

    6 Supplies should be delivered to homes period.

    • Thank god you aren’t in charge of the country. You are letting fear rule you and not statistics. We are trying to flatten the curve not impose military rule. Calm down, practice common sense hygiene and observe the curfew in place. The cases will of course rise, but provided they continue to do so in a controlled manner our healthcare system, and by extension the population, will be fine.

      • I’m with you Dadlian…….everyone just needs to calm down. We are all acting as if we are surprised that the numbers are rising. Calm down people.

    • @Melchisedec: I really cannot believe you reposted that silly recommendation. I answered you in your other post and hence will not reiterate.

      But out of self pride, I wonder how you fell uttering that type of nonsense. It makes you seem unintelligent

  2. Are the grocery stores still open in the morning and what about gas station. There was no propane anywhere for couple days now. There needs to be better communication from the government this is ridiculous

    • Can’t expect the government to do everything with regards to grocery stores and gas stations. Their managers and owners can also make public announcement. The government doesn’t provide cooking gas. Call the providers and get the info you want.

  3. Food services do not seem to be listed as essential.

    Does this imply that there is no food available for a week?

  4. Is there somebody setting up a voluntary help centre? There are so many people who can help to look after others. People with cars and health can collect prescriptions and contribute, essential food, water nappies…etc.
    Why not set up local centres in each community? One church could become an essential place to contribute and distribute essentials. Those with too much can give to the hub? Obviously with distance and volunteers. Each village can share and help each other. Keep each other safe Love to youx

    • Some lovely ideas.

      I was even thinking that some people who know how to make face masks, etc can volunteer their efforts to making masks and we find an efficient and safe way to distribute them around the island.

      We as residents can give them clean used or even new clothing materials (the right cotton) that we are not using, to help with their efforts to making these masks. There is a lot of people without masks because supplies are low so in the interim, face masks makers can help out.

      Not everything has to have a price but yeah there is a cost to making things but if we all work together like I suggested, we can help with the supplies of non medical masks.

  5. @Smh…don’t shake your head, too much, you could develop a, headache.
    However, what you can do, if you or someone, in your home have the capability, to set up – A Three Stone Fire Pit, if again if you have the space, as in your yard to do it.
    Hey…not out of desperation, but more from Grannie Kulcha!

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