229 new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda


(Dashboard Update for January 6, 2022)


The most recent reports received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment covering the period January 1st through to January 4th 2021 at 6pm revealed two hundred and twenty-nine (229) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda.


The new cases are as follows: ten (10) on January 1st, one hundred and twenty-two (122) on January 2nd fifty-four (54) on January 3rd and forty-three (43) on January 4th.


Five hundred and sixty-eight (568) samples were processed.


There were twenty-one (21) recovered cases recorded during the same period as follows: two (2) on January 1st and six (6) on January 3rd and thirteen (13) on January 4th.


Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is four thousand seven hundred and fifteen (4,715); which is inclusive of four hundred and ninety-nine (499) active cases.


There are seven (7) hospitalized cases; four (4) moderate and three (3) mild.


The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.

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  1. Annnnnn the curfew ain’t put back yet….what Yu all waiting on…😓🤔a thousand new cases before putting back the curfew

    • Curfew is not related. You think Mr. Man and his 10 family members contracted the virus after 11pm? We are in the coldest time of the year and Tourists are coming. (Fully vaccinated I might add). This is expected. Not wanted but expected. No need to overreact. Let’s treat these people with properly and get them back to health. Let’s have a healthy eating drive. Don’t say we’re doing it for COVID…say it’s for diabetes or cancer or the environment…yes that will catch on quickly

  2. Still no confirmed cases of Omicron? Thought the PM said it was here….and amidst all this schools are open.

    • They would love to be able to blame this on Omicron. The fact is, it’s cold, tourists are coming and…wait for it…the shots aren’t working, big surprise!

  3. How are they testing for these new viruses? And how can they tell of the difference ? This is what they need to tell people and stop scaremongering the people. I guess cat got their tongue that they are so tied up in their own lies. People I keep warning there is an urgency in the spirit, I can put a finger to it but I’m telling you the door of the Ark is about to close, get right with the Most High Yah, get saved, get baptized and save your soul. Get your kids on the right path. We have entered into the birth pains, My Lord these people are not listening, please to knock at the doors of their hearts. The enemy told the world that it would be a bad winter but yet the people didn’t listen. Go into your room and shut your door which is the secret place, pray to the father and ask for forgiveness and Repent Repent of your S I N S .

  4. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or politician to know that Omicron is in Wadadli. This strain is spreading like wild fire in the America’s. Evrby goddam thing is not about dumb ass political ignorance. One should be focusing on protecting themselves and loved ones from this deadly Virus. It’s not a fucking political game.You naysayers are sickening.

  5. The vaccine is to stop you from getting critically sick not to prevent you from catching covid. They will always be break through cases ,but the reality is ,most of the people that died from covid are unvaccinated, and the vaccinated that are been hospitalized have other serious underlying conditions. From all the unbias data ,it is shown deaths very low now compare to the time when they were no vaccines . Look at New York City back then compare to now .

    • Note: “… but the reality is, most of the people that died from covid are unvaccinated …”

      Rolston+Benjamin, can you please release the source, data, the facts and figures to substantiate and back up this claim. THANKS!

      • Furthermore, I understand what you are going through … IT IS CALLED RESENTMENT.

        You have realised that after being vaccinated, you’ve been either fooled, coerced or ill informed, and deep down in your sub-conscience you know it.


        I compare it to a ship … where 90% of the passengers threw their life jackets overboard … AND THEN THE SHIP BEGAN TO SINK.

          • … I recently buried an elderly Antiguan family member in the summer (before I was exiled by Gaston Browne) who died from dementia. He really suffered in his last days, but thankfully he’s at peace now.

      • Brixtonian, even if someone where to give you credible evidence you would immediately state that the source is unacceptable as it does not fit into your spectrum of thoughts.
        You have already questioned information because the source is financed by Bill Gates or it is from a government controlled entity.
        This pandemic is not a conspiracy, one day you will wake up to to reality.

        • In time, history will prove who got it right and who got it wrong. However, the one-sided global narrative must be questioned, or we COULD be led to slaughter like in the 1930s …

          • Furthermore, I’m always open to as you put it to ‘credible evidence’, however, I am troubled that the medical, scientific and data analysis experts voices have been virtually silenced, so that they cannot inform or give a more balanced view to the world, and give – or debate – the other side of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

            Don’t you ever query why they have been silenced, or have the threat of losing their profession/jobs hanging over their heads?

          • @ Brixtonia totally right as usual . It’s like the animals going to the slaughter house in the back of a truck on a early Saturday morning .
            Trying to get many to jump off the back of the truck might be futile.
            They were promised green pastures on the other side .

  6. I HEARD it through the grapevine, that HERD IMMUNITY is on the run from the Gangsta Coronavirus family, and is seeking refuge in Zion.
    HERD IMMUNITY says this is due to the fact, that the mayhem has just began.

  7. The infection numbers are just a slice of what’s actually happening. The dashboard doesn’t even account for the 10 persons that I know who got infected in the last 2 weeks, because they all got rapid Covid tests which were done privately.

    This is the new normal. Get used to it. I know there are folks out there trying to preach the idea that this will blow over eventually because pandemics have always ended in the past. They’re grasping at straws. We’ve never had a pandemic affecting nearly 8 billion people. The pandemic is simply too big to stop. The virus is too contagious. Human beings travel too much. The virus has now jumped to animals such as cats, minks and American deer, making it impossible to eradicate due to inevitable zoonotic reemergence.

    Omicron isn’t a sign of the disease easing. It’s the exact opposite. We merely got lucky that omicron uses a cell entry method that makes it less reliable at infecting deep inside the lungs. The factors that drove omicron’s emergence should be the thing that scares us. Because it means many more highly highly mutated versions of this coronavirus are on the horizon. And the more they mutate the greater the risk that current immunity will no longer protect from hospitalization and death.

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