22-year-old man sentenced to 12 months for sex with minor


A 22-year-old man was sentenced to 12 months in prison on Monday for unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in May of 2019.

Ladaniel Nedd was 20 years old at the time of the offence.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty to the offence, which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The court determined the circumstances of this case put it in Category 3, in relation to harm caused and Level B, in relation to seriousness, in accordance with the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court’s Sentencing Guideline for Aggravated USI.

The seriousness level is assessed based on the presence or absence of certain exceptional aggravating factors, which were not present in this case.

The Category 3, Seriousness Level B assessment puts the starting sentence at 5% of the maximum.

According to the guideline, where the maximum sentence is life imprisonment, it is treated as 30 years simply for the purposes of the calculation.

Consequently, the judge began with a starting sentence of 18 months imprisonment.

Since the court customary applies 1/3 discount for guilty pleas, the sentence was further reduced to 12 months



  1. This is why I would never report a murder or rape case to the police once the victim is a family member, it would be an in-house sentencing

  2. Another PEDOPHILE. How many are there in this country anyway? Pedophiles cannot be cured, and need to jailed for life, for the protection of our children.

  3. How can anyone justify giving such a light sentence for statutory rape!!!??? This is outrageous and only encourages this sort of thing to continue. This is exactly why people take the law into their own hands

  4. This is Ridiculous !!!! So That Means Any Old Man Can Rape A Young Gyal ‘ Nd Only Get a Few Months in Prison ! Wow 😮

  5. 20 yr old have sex with a 13yr old… nah I don’t think he should rot in jail for this, however I do believe that he need 50 lashes publicly and do 500hrs worth of community service, also should be given 10 yrs of probation along with the 12 months prison sentence..

    • Agreed! Children. I remember when I was 13 and 14 and who my friends dated. That means that the majority of the now 40 years men in Antigua now would have been rotting in prison. Those same 40 year old men are thinking about their daughters, but not remembering. By no means do I condone rape. It’s a horrible, traumatic, controlling act! I am happy to hear that the judges are looking at the individual situation because sometimes, it is not all that it appears to be. Good luck to them all.

  6. Attention Editor: Please note that an adult CANNOT have sex with a child. The act is a crime of Rape or Sexual Assault. Your headlines exacerbates the assault on our children. Please, and thanks.

    • @Beverly George: Well said.You are so correct.In my opinion,we should be castrating those rapists of all women and children in Antigua and Barbuda.

      • Yes, castrate them all, every rapist in Antigua. That’ll put the fear of God in most of them. The pedophiles need everything chopped off.

  7. Pure fuckery. If it was the judge daughter or son it would have been life time. May God judge righteously

    • Your use of profanity doesn’t help anything. Such words only encourage pedophiles to be more nasty. I’d be curious to know how you were raised and why you write such profanity?

  8. Well folks, from the comments thus far, there is definitely anger, frustration and outrage among the Citizenry, and phucking rightfully, and justly so!
    So, now that you’re on high on this energy, and it’s not the first time, I’ve seen this type of outrage, regarding ‘sentencing’ for such crimes, the smaller question, not bigger is, besides being outrage in the virtual world, what are you going to do, outside of your doors, around the corner from your house, down the street from your lover, up the road from your grandmothers house, in Johnson’s Point?

    The cry should be as loud, great, consistent as with that for, JUSTICE for NIGEL…


  9. Why are ya’ll so upset with this story but when it’s in Paradise view none ah ya’ll open ya mouth ?? Younger than this one too !!

  10. In the High Court a man gets only 12 months for Statutory Rape of a 13 year old girl.Shoplifters have received more time in Prison,for a misdemeanor.Rape is not a misdemeanor.It is a Felony.

  11. So I’m reading and reading all this life sentence, 30 years .. 1/3 of the sentence, and Im trying to figure out what the heck are they talking about … only to read the last sentence that says the man get 12 months in prison. SMDH … All that just to say they giving the man 12 months for raping a 13 year old.

    Who knows how that child will be affected… how sad

    Our children and not protected, life in Antigua on a whole is devalued by these insulting and degrading sentences.. a few years for murder and a few months for rape.. very sad

  12. Leviticus 19:29
    Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.

  13. Sometimes I wonder about these things and conclude that this sentence is one of the reasons why crime will never ever be finished..

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